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June 2018 News: JUNE 2018: NIGHTCOMER PHOTOS, NEW CANDID PHOTOS & MORE! Mackenzie Rosman’s latest film Nightcomer has had a group of official screen stills released. Check the thumbnails below for the full size res of the stills. Mackenzie is very much the sworn villain vampire in this role of Rowena and really steps out of the mould of characters that she’s played before! I think fans will love seeing this film, I’ll have some extra content on this new film very soon! Stay tuned! For now, enjoy some official stills from the new film..

In other news, there has been a number of new photos and I have added them all into the website’s photo gallery, be sure to check them all out. There is a couple of new candids there and I’ll have a few videos to post very shortly. I just want to say a big thank you to the fans for all your lovely messages, I do see them all and even though I don’t get the time to reply to them all, just know that I DO see them and I DO appreciate them all very much! Thank you! Xo

June 2018: Mackenzie Rosman stars as Rowena in new film Nightcomer

June 2018: Mackenzie Rosman stars as Rowena in new film Nightcomer

Nightcomer: after an unforeseen and violent affliction turns her world upside down, Rowena Hambleton struggles to survive night-to-night as she prowls the streets of Los Angeles. If there is a cure for what ails her, Rowena has yet to find it. The film is directed by Alain Silver and also written by Alain Silver. The movie project is one hour and thirty one minutes long and also stars actor Timothy Busfield and Eric Gorlow. Stay tuned for the trailer below.

June 2018: Mackenzie Rosman stars as Rowena in new film Nightcomer

It’s the first time in a while that fans have seen Mackenzie star in a new film project since Ankh, so it’s really lovely to see. A lot of fans were wondering when the movie was going to come out, I can officially say it is NOW OUT on DVD and available at most stores. I will definitely be picking up my copy from the store! I have seen a lot of fans chatting lately about a possible reunion for 7th Heaven but so far there hasn’t really been any indication from the shows creator Brenda Hampton, that she intends to bring it back.. I think she personally said she would like to but it’s up to whoever wants to pick up production of the new potential project. One thing is for sure, millions of fans around the world really want to see it happen so I can take a educated guess that the new reunion show would be supported well!

June 2018: Mackenzie Rosman stars as Rowena in new film Nightcomer

Check out the NIGHTCOMER trailer here:

What do you think? Completely different role for Mack to play! That concludes the news for this post, stay tuned for the next update as I will have some exclusive photos and make sure to follow the Instagram here and here.

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February 2018 News: FEBRUARY 2018: NEW PHOTO'S, MACK'S BIRTHDAY, NEWS! Mackenzie Rosman celebrated her birthday last December 2017 in LA with her close friends and motorbike riding group. As you will know, Mackenzie turned 28yrs old on the 28th December 2017 and I just want to say that Mackenzie thanks all the fans for their beautiful birthday messages wishing her a lovely bday, so a big thank you from Mackenzie! I also want to thank the fans for visiting by this website and the Facebook group page, and showing all the support for our girl, Mack! I want to say thank you to the fans! Your continued support is amazing and Mack is very lucky to have all of you. I hope everybody had a great Christmas last year and holiday season, I can’t believe we’re now into February of 2018 already! It just goes crazy fast.

In other news, there has been a number of new photos and I have added them all into the website’s photo gallery, be sure to check them out! I’ll also include our classic preview thumbnails of the latest added photos, at the bottom of this post, enjoy! I know new photos is your fave content from the website and the latest news>.

I am going to work on getting a lot of new content on here, including some new candid fun videos from Mack, that I think you guys will really love! I’ll be posting up the movie trailer to the latest film that Mackenzie starred in, Ankh, I think you guys will love it. Look out for that special trailer in the new post, as well as a number of new film stills from the short film. For now, thats all the latest news, I’ll leave you guys with the preview thumbnails to the most recently added photos below, be sure to click on them to bring up the full size version in the gallery…

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October 2017 News: NEW PHOTO'S, MACKENZIE ROSMAN NEWS & SITE INFORMATION Hi fans, I have a fair bit of free time over the next few days (including today) so I’m going to be adding a bunch of brand new candid photos up to the site’s newly located photo gallery, be sure to check them all out as they go up very shortly! I will be adding multiple photos, including very recent ones, be sure not to miss those. As I know it’s been a while since I have uploaded some new ones.

In other news, more directly, Mackenzie Rosman news; Mackenzie Rosman has been training hard on her horse and prepping for the hunt cups that she and her beloved horse Odysseus will be competing in! Mack has been very busy each week riding and training, going over all the ground work to get ready. Let’s wish them both the best of luck in their competitions! I’ll definitely have more updates soon on that news.

In terms of other news going on, let’s talk about this site. Lately it had been a little while since the photo gallery had been moved over to the main server here at this site, but I have lots of news on the website. I recently edited and changed up the title at the very top in the header, and there will also be a completely new layout being worked on in the coming months. I think its time for the website to have a fresh new look and the changes don’t stop there.. I will be dedicating this afternoon to adding a load of brand new photos into the gallery. I’ve wanted to make a shift for a while, in getting a new layout for this site that be more mobile/smart phone ready, so that fans can browse the website from their own mobile phone with ease. There is also some other surprises in the works, so stay tuned here and keep an eye out!

That wraps it up for today’s update, check out the thumbnails below to the latest added photos…

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Hi guys, I recently moved the photo gallery over to the main site server here and I did everything to get it to be over and take over, but once the old gallery server expired I still had to connect up the new database to the new gallery that had been shifted. So it was unavailable for a few short weeks but it is ALL up now and running as normal. The link is now:, make sure to bookmark it in your browsers on your phone or your computer.

I hope everybody is going well. I will be updating the website here and the photo gallery a lot more often starting from now as I am starting to get a bit more free time now. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

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Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted, sorry for being MIA, I’ve been very busy! I hope everyone is going well, I am. Thank you to everybody asking and supporting. I plan to update this website on a regular basis again, lots of things have changed since I last posted. And lots of Mackenzie Rosman news to tell you all as well. Mackenzie has ventured out to chase her dreams of competing in a huge important hunt cup for showjumping, more about this soon. I’ll edit this post this weekend to update everybody on all the happenings. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: on Mackenzie’s Personal Official Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: Mack_Smack
Instagram: mackrosman, formerly mackadeeznuts

This might sound crazy, but ‘mackadeeznuts’ use to be Mackenzie’s real Instagram.. BUT since just recently, Mackenzie was able to ACQUIRE the ‘mackrosman’ one (which USE TO BE fake… but isn’t now, I’ll explain..), Instagram was able to turn Mackenzie’s ‘mackadeeznuts’ account into the ‘mackrosman’ one and what is now Mackenzie’s official Instagram. Basically… Mackenzie Rosman was able to work with Instagram in acquiring that other account (as it had so many of her fans following already & was well known, by media, fans, etc), and so it made perfect sense to keep it & run it as that name. We are still working on getting that account VERIFIED and more ofzficilized and all, as well as her other social media platforms verified. Stay tuned. For the record, Instagram ‘mackrosman’ is now owned, updated & controlled by Mackenzie Rosman herself, can I get an AMEN!?!?! 🙌🏼

Mackenzie Rosman hanging out with dog Hanky in April 2017