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January 2023 News: NEW FILM 'THE BOUNTRESS', MACK PHOTOS & SITE NEWS! EXCITING NEWS; Mackenzie Rosman has a new film! It is an independent short film in which Mackenzie stars in and it’s called The Bountress. Mackenzie Rosman plays the role of ‘Leila Bolt‘ and the film is considered a modern day western. We’ll be posting photos from it into the gallery very shortly. About the film:, it centres around her character, described as a young troublemaking rule-breaker recruited into an academy where young girls are trained to kill. Like an assassin on horseback in the secluded wilderness, she is on a journey and surprisingly discovers that the darkest secrets lay closer to home. Are you intrigued yet? I know I am! I look forward to seeing it. The film was written and directed by a female (we love to see this), by none other than, Jodi Ferguson.

In Photo Gallery News: the photo gallery has been updated with new photos from Mack’s new film, and some new pictures of Mack reposted from her Instagram. There will be more photos added today, including some new gorgeous pics of Mack’s baby girl that Mack has already shared on her Instagram grid.

In Site News; I have recently transferred hosts and succesfully moved everything on the site over to the new one. It took about 5 days and a few hiccups here and there, but it’s all done and everything is now set in place at the new home. I hope you guys enjoy visiting here and reading about the latest news from Mackenzie Rosman. If you look below, you’ll find the thumbnails to the most recently added pictures on the photo gallery.

Enjoy the new update of added pictures and I’ll be back soon with another exciting update with how/where you can see this new movie The Bountress.

The Bountress starring Mackenzie Rosman Mackenzie Rosman starring as Leila Bolt in The Bountress The Bountress Poster 2 The Bountress Film On Location

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