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March 2022 News: EXCITING NEWS, NEW PHOTOS & UPDATES for March 2022! EXCITING NEWS; it’s now official and a big congratulations is in order for Mackenzie Rosman and her partner! Some very exciting news indeed.. drumroll… it’s pretty big news guys… like really really big news.. huge, massive exciting news.. guessed it? Mackenzie Rosman is pregnant and expecting her first child with her partner. Mackenzie Rosman, who is now 31 yrs old, recently announced to her many Instagram followers that she is currently 37 weeks pregnant and will be due around early April 2022! What amazing news! Congratulations to Mack on her awesome news, Mack will make such a beautiful mother. Accompanying the announcement is a lovely photo of Mack with her baby bump atop of her horse. Click below on the photo to the see the full size.

New Photo’s in the Photo Gallery; if you double check the site’s photo gallery, you’ll notice there is a few new and rare candid photos of Mack. There is even a shot from her on-set of her new film ‘The Bountress’. I know how much you guys love seeing new photos from Mack, so head on over to the photo gallery and check them all out and you can see previews of them below as well..

Site Updates; as promised, you’re now seeing the new layout edits of the website. You’ll notice at the top of the website that there is now a pink bar going across the side and has a welcome message to visitors. I’m also working on a few things with the photo gallery design and layout so that it’s kept more modern and the interactive flash design works with all browsers. As they all keep updating, it’s hard sometimes to keep up with the forever changing coding, but we’re keeping on top of it all. That is all the current news at the moment, stay tuned for updates on Mack’s pending birth of her baby and more edits done to the website.

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