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February 2017 News: EXCLUSIVE: MACKENZIE ROSMAN CATCHES UP WITH JESSICA BIEL & BEVERLEY MITCHELL! EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman hung out with fellow former 7th Heaven co-stars Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell today (who you’ll know from playing Mackenzie’s on-screen sisters) and caught up with them today for lunch! It’s been a hot minute since the trio caught up with each other as the last time they all got together was for the launch and opening of Jessica Biel’s new restaurant in West Hollywood, called ‘Au’ Fudge’. It’s easy to know that the restaurant is going very well and has been widely successful, but anything Jess does or touches, is. So, low and behold ‘7th Heaven’ fans, as this following new candid photo will bring you all sorts of tv nostalgia your way…

Mackenzie Rosman, Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell hanging out on Wednesday, 8th February 2017.

It is always great to see the stars from the hit WB show hang out, and I’m loving always loving the reunion photos taken from their get-togethers. Whose with me? Whilst there is no definite plan or confirmation that 7th Heaven will ever come back… even as a tv movie, it is still a wish and hope in every 7th Heaven fans mind.

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Mackenzie’s Weekend of Racing at Chuckwalla Valley, CA; Mackenzie Rosman had a pretty busy weekend just gone by. Mack took a little road trip out to Chuckwalla Valley Racing with her friends, where they spent some time on the racetrack. Taking their motorcycles, they had a nice little weekend away racing! Photos from the weekend trip will be added up in the photo gallery. Be sure to check those out very soon! I will also post them up onto the Facebook page so everybody can see them. In other news, Mackenzie has been signing up to her next classes to study in the Winter. Very exciting times ahead!

Another new update? Yes! I am now back at it, and back to updating regularly. I know how much you guys missed the continual updates and seeing all of the new photos of what Mack’s been up to, so everything is back! I will be updating all the social media channels on a regular basis as well, yippee!!

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Hi Guys, I’m Back! And I’m Posting a Bunch of Photos; First of all, I just want to say Happy Anniversary to this website, it has been 16 years! Wow! How to think its actually been THAT long! Wow! I love doing this website for all of you and what better time to come back to regular updates and info again! Hi there fans! I’m officially back and posting on here again! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA! As I mentioned in the earlier post, I became super busy and then we had some slight access issues to the Facebook page but everything is fixed now abd I have so much to update you all on! To start off, I have posted a few new candid photos into the photo gallery and will be adding even more over the next few days!

Loads of News from actress Mackenzie Rosman; Firstly, lets talk about what Mack’a been up to. Mackenzie recently conpleted a whole 24hr mini-bike endurance race on a rotating team with her friends. Riding is something that Mack loves to do and started racing about a year ago now. I will have more on that news in the next update, including some photos to share too. Around the beginning to middle of this year, Mack filmed two short films! One is titled ‘Ankh’ and the other one is titled ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, both of which Mackenzie plays the leas role in. I will include some cool screen stills from both of them in my additions to the gallery this weekend and add up a brand new post update showcasing them!

New Ideas For the Website Here & the Twitter; On the Twitter account during the week, I asked all the followers what they would like to see more of on the website, a lot of fans said that they would love to see more photos, career news, and any information on what Mackenzie Rosman has been up to outside of her career as well. So with that in mind, I will continue regular posting with those requests as my focus and I look forward to posting again just like before. ๐Ÿ™‚ As promised on the Facebook page, here is this weekends update as the first part update for November 2016. And guys, I’m actually currently updating via using my iPhone 6, I must say its very different updating when only using a smart phone, its making the screen so small! Haha.

Anyhow, I hope you have all enjoyed this new post and look forward to the next ones to come in the very near future! For now, check out the new previews to the latest added photos below. As you can see, I’m using a brand new preview template for the newly added photos, I love it! These are bigger than the okd ones which I think you guys will love! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also contemplating whether to go back to the audio podcasts of the update for those of you that liked listening to the updates in audio form more than reading the font here or I was thinking of maybe filming actual video updates, its a much more personal level and I just think you guys will probably love that a lot better?!? Let me know in the comment section up above at the top of this post. Love you guys! And Happy Thanksgiving everybody! X

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Hi guys! I just wanted to quickly update and say thank you for all your wonderful feedback and answers on Twitter! The results are in and a lot of fans voted for photos, news and info on what Mackenzie Rosman is up to outside of her acting career. I just want to say thank you for your ideas, I will definitely continue updating with those in mind.

GREAT NEWS: I will be updating this weekend with brand new and exclusive photos, including news on Mackenzie’s new short films, screen stills from the films and what Mackenzie has been up to recently. Mackenzie recently completed a 24hr Endurance Race on a mini-motorcycle which is pretty impressive! Way to go, Mack! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep your eyes on the website guys, lots of updates to be made this weekend!

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New Candid Photos Have Been Posted Up; I am back from MIA and I have TONS of things to update on. First of all, I have heaps of new candid photos to post in the websites photo galleria, some have already been posted up, but thats not all, there is some very exciting news on Mackenzie Rosman… Mack has two BRAND NEW film projects that she recently worked on. I cannot wait to tell you all about those! But firstly, lets talk about the new candids. I have added a group of new candid photos into the website’s photo galleria, I’ll be adding a few more in this weekend as well. The candids cover various occasions and activities. Mack recently completed a 24hr motorbike endurance race and I’ll be including photos from that in the next gallery additions.

I recently asked fans what they would like to see more of on here and on the Twitter, the results are in and a lot of fans said they love seeing photos, news and what Mackenzie is up to outside of her acting career. I will definitely be updating more with those topics in mind and include more photos. Thank you to all of the wonderful fans on the Twitter that responded with their answers and ideas.

I will be updating the website this coming weekend with some news, and brand new photos. Thank you to everybody that has been so supportive all this time and I thank you for your patience in waiting for your soecial autographs. ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to updating this weekend and I hope you love the new photos!

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Loads Of New Photos Have Been Added; Another update means another upload session of brand new candid photos, yay! As usual, the recently added candid pictures are rare and exclusive to the website. Visit by the photo galleria now to see them all! Of course I will be adding a couple more photos to the galleria soon, so keep an eye out for those too. That is really all the current news on photos for this moment, I will update again soon to the website with new photos and news shortly.

I Want To Know What Fans Want To See Up Here; So this website is a long-running one, it has been up for years and years, also when ‘7th Heaven‘ was still in production. I have been wondering lately; what sort of material that I don’t already have up, would fans like to see up here?, be sure to email me email me with your suggestions. Of course, only email serious ideas. I will ignore anything that is inappropriate or demeaning in any way. I think you will understand. In other news about the website, I am gearing up for a new layout, this one that is up has been up for quite a while so I think it’s time for a new and fresh look. I know I have been posting about that a few times in previous posts but I have consulted now with ideas and have got a few up my sleeve. Watch this space.

Mackenzie’s Movies Are ALL On DVD; A lot of fans have been recently asking me where can they see Mack’s movies?, a few of them air on tv network channels like SyFy and Chiller Tv, and they’re ALL on DVD, so if you visit your local dvd rental store, you might find them and be able to rent them to watch or purchase them. Most of them are for sale at all DVD stores as well. Be sure to look hard and if you have trouble finding them in person at retail dvd stores, try looking online and you might find them. I know that websites like Amazon have them. However, if you’re a international fan from another country then you must make sure the region of the DVD will work on your DVD player that you have at home. Most players made these days can play ALL regions so if you have an all-region playing DVD, then you are fine to buy any Region 1 DVD, region 1 is the United States or Canada. Region 4, that is New Zealand and Australia. Region 2 is other parts of the world. Be sure to check all of that out before purchasing any DVDs online.

Thats A Wrap For This Update; That is all the current news for this update guys, be sure to check back shortly for part two of July 2015, I know it’s now 2016 but I was extremely busy late last year and am only getting to post these updates now. I promise to post an update every fortnight. Bare with me on these, thank you. For the latest photos that have been added to the photo galleria, check the following preview thumbnails

EXCUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Mucking Around Sitting In a Earth Mover on September 18th, 2015. EXCUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Mucking Around Sitting In a Earth Mover on September 18th, 2015. EXCUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman With Alexander and Friend Hanging Out on July 27th, 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Hanging Out With William Shopping on July 6th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Celebrating Alyssa's Birthday At The Glendon Bar & Kitchen on November 14th, 2015 With Alyssa & Friends. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman and Her First Californian Friend Chaz Back In The 90s Shared For Throwback Thursday on August 27th, 2015.