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August 2021 News: NEW PHOTOS, MACK NEWS & MORE for August 2021! Hi guys, welcome to another post. I’m currently updating this site so if at any time you visit it this week and the front page looks a bit different, it’s just the update process. It is mainly the layout that is adjusting. I hope you’re all well and I hope you are all staying safe in this pandemic.

News; Mackenzie Rosman recently celebrated July 4th Independence Day with her friends, there was a bit of a pool party and I’ll be updating the website’s photo gallery shortly, so stay tuned for new photo’s! Additionally, below at the end of this post there will soon be thumbnail previews to the latest added photo’s in the gallery so you won’t miss out seeing whats new. So much has been happening and Mack is still enjoying her time working with the horses. This update has some exciting news as well…

Film News; Mackenzie Rosman is going to be starring in a new role for the film ‘Bountress‘, Mack will portray the role of ‘Leila Bolt‘. Stay tuned to the website here for more news on that as it unfolds and more content about it including photos, videos, etc. Fans will love seeing Mack in a new project and will hopefully be able to support it. We are so lucky to get a new project to watch, I hope everybody is staying safe during this awful pandemic and unprecedented times. Hopefully everybody is keeping busy in lockdown wherever you may be, etc. I’ll be linking the thumbnails below to the gallery very soon, stay tuned, as the new images will be added up very shortly. I know the fans love seeing new pictures so I am always doing my best to provide those up here for you.

Site News; I have been adjusting some things on the layout here after upgrading to the latest new versions and have been contemplating a new exciting layout that is more modernised to suit the new year and keep it looking fresh, so stay tuned for that as it happens over the next couple of weeks. The process has already began and it will look great when it’s up LIVE, I can’t wait to show you guys. I have also been thinking about other aspects to the website I could add, and the topic of a podcast has come up a few times. Is that something you would all like and listen to? I will construct a poll and add a few other ideas too that we can all vote on. Let me know, but that is something on the cards. There is also many other interactive aspects I am considering. In any case, stay tuned and I hope to have some of those things happening soon.

For now, feel free to check out all of the newly added pictures in the photo gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below…

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