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May 2023 News: THE BOUNTRESS SCREEN STILL PICTURES, NEWS & MORE! THE BOUNTRESS; Mackenzie Rosman is in a new film! The short film in which Mackenzie stars in, is called The Bountress. Mackenzie Rosman plays the role of ‘Leila Bolt‘ and the film is considered a modern day western. If you check out the site’s photo gallery, you’ll see there is a total of 35 new photo’s added in this update, which features screen still pictures taken from Mack’s new short film project, ‘The Bountress. If you guys have ever wanted to see Mack play the role of a total badass woman who can horse-ride while kicking butt, you’ve now got it! The new additions are a total of 35 screen still pictures from the film and they’re already uploaded there now for you to check out. Head on over to the photo gallery and see Mack as ‘Leila Bolt‘. I will also feature a few preview thumbnails at the bottom of this post so you can get a sneak-peek at the stills from the new film. You can also check out the pages for ‘The Bountress‘ film at it’s own Instagram page here and you can see the IMDB page for it here.

NEWS; Im going to be making a few updates on the various sub-pages and social media account pages such as Twitter and Facebook to match the updates on this site. I hope everybody enjoys the updates. There will be a new layout created for the Twitter page and the Facebook page will also receive a new cover photo design. Stay tuned for those updates to be made in the coming weeks.

EASTER UPDATE; a few fans were wondering what Mackenzie Rosman did for Easter, she celebrated with her brand new baby daughter, the family and friends, by having a nice get-together. She had a lovely time and enjoyed it, we hope you guys all had a great Easter break too!

The Bountress starring Mackenzie Rosman as Leila Bolt The Bountress starring Mackenzie Rosman as Leila Bolt The Bountress starring Mackenzie Rosman as Leila Bolt The Bountress starring Mackenzie Rosman as Leila Bolt

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