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January 2023 News: NEW FILM 'THE BOUNTRESS', MACK PHOTOS & SITE NEWS! EXCITING NEWS; Mackenzie Rosman has a new film! It is an independent short film in which Mackenzie stars in and it’s called The Bountress. Mackenzie Rosman plays the role of ‘Leila Bolt‘ and the film is considered a modern day western. We’ll be posting photos from it into the gallery very shortly. About the film:, it centres around her character, described as a young troublemaking rule-breaker recruited into an academy where young girls are trained to kill. Like an assassin on horseback in the secluded wilderness, she is on a journey and surprisingly discovers that the darkest secrets lay closer to home. Are you intrigued yet? I know I am! I look forward to seeing it. The film was written and directed by a female (we love to see this), by none other than, Jodi Ferguson.

In Photo Gallery News: the photo gallery has been updated with new photos from Mack’s new film, and some new pictures of Mack reposted from her Instagram. There will be more photos added today, including some new gorgeous pics of Mack’s baby girl that Mack has already shared on her Instagram grid.

In Site News; I have recently transferred hosts and succesfully moved everything on the site over to the new one. It took about 5 days and a few hiccups here and there, but it’s all done and everything is now set in place at the new home. I hope you guys enjoy visiting here and reading about the latest news from Mackenzie Rosman. If you look below, you’ll find the thumbnails to the most recently added pictures on the photo gallery.

Enjoy the new update of added pictures and I’ll be back soon with another exciting update with how/where you can see this new movie The Bountress.

The Bountress starring Mackenzie Rosman Mackenzie Rosman starring as Leila Bolt in The Bountress The Bountress Poster 2 The Bountress Film On Location

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June 2022 News: EXCITING NEWS, NEW PHOTOS & UPDATES for June 2022! EXCITING NEWS; Mackenzie Rosman has given birth to a gorgeous baby girl. Mackenzie Rosman is officially a mom! Mackenzie Rosman gave birth in late March (on the 21st) to a beautiful healthy baby girl, after announcing a few weeks prior that she is expecting and at the time, was 37 weeks along, sitting atop of a horse. A big congratulations is in order for Mackenzie and her partner, we wish them all the very best and much enjoyment in soaking up these first few months with their new addition to the family. Stay tuned for the most gorgeous photos, too.

NEW PHOTOS; be sure not to miss out checking the updated photo gallery as there is a lot of new photos added, including new special ones of Mackenzie’s gorgeous new born daughter. There will be even more pictures added up today so be sure to check that out.

SITE NEWS; in other news that is happening, there is a few updates being done to the website here. I have been planning a few little additions to the website that I will be posting about it soon, so stay tuned for those. I know how much you guys look forward to the updates and new features, so I want to keep you in the loop on those.

AUTOGRAPHS; we’re still getting a LOT of requests coming in from fans on receiving a signed autograph from Mackenzie Rosman. Obviously now with a newborn, Mack is a bit more busier than usual so those sorts of things might take a big longer to happen but we hope you’re all understanding of that and be patient if you’re still waiting to hear back from us.

THATS A WRAP; that is all the current news for now, to finish off reading this post entry, you could check out the latest added photos to the gallery below…

Mackenzie Rosman with her newborn daughter Mackenzie Rosman's daughter Mackenzie Rosman's daughter Mackenzie Rosman's daughter

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March 2022 News: EXCITING NEWS, NEW PHOTOS & UPDATES for March 2022! EXCITING NEWS; it’s now official and a big congratulations is in order for Mackenzie Rosman and her partner! Some very exciting news indeed.. drumroll… it’s pretty big news guys… like really really big news.. huge, massive exciting news.. guessed it? Mackenzie Rosman is pregnant and expecting her first child with her partner. Mackenzie Rosman, who is now 31 yrs old, recently announced to her many Instagram followers that she is currently 37 weeks pregnant and will be due around early April 2022! What amazing news! Congratulations to Mack on her awesome news, Mack will make such a beautiful mother. Accompanying the announcement is a lovely photo of Mack with her baby bump atop of her horse. Click below on the photo to the see the full size.

New Photo’s in the Photo Gallery; if you double check the site’s photo gallery, you’ll notice there is a few new and rare candid photos of Mack. There is even a shot from her on-set of her new film ‘The Bountress’. I know how much you guys love seeing new photos from Mack, so head on over to the photo gallery and check them all out and you can see previews of them below as well..

Site Updates; as promised, you’re now seeing the new layout edits of the website. You’ll notice at the top of the website that there is now a pink bar going across the side and has a welcome message to visitors. I’m also working on a few things with the photo gallery design and layout so that it’s kept more modern and the interactive flash design works with all browsers. As they all keep updating, it’s hard sometimes to keep up with the forever changing coding, but we’re keeping on top of it all. That is all the current news at the moment, stay tuned for updates on Mack’s pending birth of her baby and more edits done to the website.

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November 2021 News: NEW PHOTOS, MACK NEWS & MORE for November 2021! Hello fans, there is a few new photos added up into the photo gallery if you’d like to check them out. there will be a few more added this week as well, so be sure to check those out.

In other news, Mack launched her new company called Fletch Athletica last year in 2021, the first product is a doli belt that can hold multiple items while out riding your horse. Ideal for trail riders, equestrians, hunters/jumpers, braiders and mustang tamers.

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August 2021 News: NEW PHOTOS, MACK NEWS & MORE for August 2021! Hi guys, welcome to another post. I’m currently updating this site so if at any time you visit it this week and the front page looks a bit different, it’s just the update process. It is mainly the layout that is adjusting. I hope you’re all well and I hope you are all staying safe in this pandemic.

News; Mackenzie Rosman recently celebrated July 4th Independence Day with her friends, there was a bit of a pool party and I’ll be updating the website’s photo gallery shortly, so stay tuned for new photo’s! Additionally, below at the end of this post there will soon be thumbnail previews to the latest added photo’s in the gallery so you won’t miss out seeing whats new. So much has been happening and Mack is still enjoying her time working with the horses. This update has some exciting news as well…

Film News; Mackenzie Rosman is going to be starring in a new role for the film ‘Bountress‘, Mack will portray the role of ‘Leila Bolt‘. Stay tuned to the website here for more news on that as it unfolds and more content about it including photos, videos, etc. Fans will love seeing Mack in a new project and will hopefully be able to support it. We are so lucky to get a new project to watch, I hope everybody is staying safe during this awful pandemic and unprecedented times. Hopefully everybody is keeping busy in lockdown wherever you may be, etc. I’ll be linking the thumbnails below to the gallery very soon, stay tuned, as the new images will be added up very shortly. I know the fans love seeing new pictures so I am always doing my best to provide those up here for you.

Site News; I have been adjusting some things on the layout here after upgrading to the latest new versions and have been contemplating a new exciting layout that is more modernised to suit the new year and keep it looking fresh, so stay tuned for that as it happens over the next couple of weeks. The process has already began and it will look great when it’s up LIVE, I can’t wait to show you guys. I have also been thinking about other aspects to the website I could add, and the topic of a podcast has come up a few times. Is that something you would all like and listen to? I will construct a poll and add a few other ideas too that we can all vote on. Let me know, but that is something on the cards. There is also many other interactive aspects I am considering. In any case, stay tuned and I hope to have some of those things happening soon.

For now, feel free to check out all of the newly added pictures in the photo gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below…

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September 2020 News: NEW PHOTOS, MACK NEWS & MORE for September 2020! Hello guys, I hope everybody is doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times. I wanted to update the website as there is new candid photos from Mack that I’ll be updating the gallery with. The gallery recently had some issues but I am working out those now and you should be able to revisit the gallery properly soon, you can try now, it can be found here. In other news, Mack celebrated July 4th Independence Day with friends in the countryside of their community, when the gallery is back up working ok, you’ll be able to see new photos from the July 4 celebrations. You can also see little sneak preview with the thumbnails below. In other news, more so site news, I am conjuring up some new ideas for updates here at the website to keep fans in the know and up to date with all things Mack. Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon. I have big ideas for it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

A few other updates will happen at the site here, including performance updates, new PHP version so everything loads faster, and updates to plugins, etc.

In the meantime, enjoy the thumbnails below of the newly added photos to the gallery and keep staying safe out there, health, happiness and safety is the most important thing! Take care guys and stay tuned for the updates and photos. <3

Mackenzie Rosman at the barn. Celebrating July 4th 2020 weekend in the countryside. Celebrating July 4th 2020 weekend in the countryside. Celebrating July 4th 2020 weekend in the countryside.