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January 2013 News: EXCLUSIVE: THE AUTOGRAPHS HAVE ARRIVED TO THE FANS, FAN COMP WINNERS HAVE RECEIVED THEIR AUTOGRAPHS, FUTURE FAN COMPETITIONS THIS YEAR, THE VIDEO INTERVIEW NEWS UPDATE & NEW PHOTOS! EXCLUSIVE: FAN COMPETITION WINNERS HAVE NOW RECEIVED THEIR AUTOGRAPH’S, FUTURE FAN COMPETITIONS, UPDATES ON THE VIDEO INTERVIEW & NEW CANDID PHOTOS POSTED UP! First off, welcome Mackenzie Rosman fans to the new year of 2013! May it be a happy, healthy and fun year for us all! Now going onto the news, the personally signed autographs are now with the winning fans! The fan competition winners started receiving the personalised autographs at the beginning of this week! As reported in the previous post update, ALL the exclusive autographs were sent off two weeks ago to all of their winning recipients. A total of ten winners were chosen last year during an exclusive fan competition to win an autograph AND have their hand selected question to Mack answered during a video interview. We’re glad that the autographs have arrived safely into the hands of those winning fans and we hope those fans enjoy and appreciate their personalised signed autograph! For fans that missed out on seeing last years fan competition or were unaware of it, there will be plenty more fan competitions held at this website for Mackenzie Rosman fans. I am currently drumming up ideas for one to be held this year! More information and updates on that will be made later in the year. Moving on from the autographs and going onto the subject of the video interview; all of the elements needed for the video interview are all on stand-by. That includes the tripod, the wardrobe picked out for it, beautiful actress Mack, the cameraman and make-up. It was previously delayed due to bad weather (it’s scheduled to be an outside interview!) and now there is very good weather in LA, we’re just waiting for the right timing now.. to fit into everybody’s schedules. I’ll have another update on the video interview when I post the next update! It is very exciting, and I can hardly wait to post the interview once it’s completed and ready for release. In other site news, I have posted a combination of exclusively NEW candid photos up into the website’s photo galleria. In Mack news; Mack celebrated her 23rd birthday in LA on Christmas Eve, with an alfresco sit-down restaurant dinner, accompanied by family and friends including brother Chandler, who was back home from being stationed in Japan with the marines. It was a perfect opportunity for all of the family to catch-up with one another after a very busy year. We hope they had a great time! A couple of candid photos from the event are posted in the galleria. This is officially the first post entry for 2013! We hope all the Mackenzie Rosman fans had a terrific holiday season, and are looking forward to what the new year brings. Mack has a bevy of feature films lined up for release this year, all to be released around July! Ghost Shark, Beneath and Nightcomer! We, along with you guys, can hardly wait until they’re out! As some fans are saying, this is the year of Mack! Belief is a very powerful thing and you never know where it’ll take you. I’ll leave you guys now with the preview thumbnails to the latest added candid photos…

Exclusive: Mack at her 23rd birthday alfresco sit-down dinner celebration in LA with family & friends on Christmas Eve in 2012. Exclusive: Mack took a candid photo of her friend Colette's multiple phones in LA during a catch-up visit in October 2012. Exclusive: Mack posing on the red carpet at The Academy Of Tv Arts & Sciences 'Fathers Day Salute To Tv Dads' on 18th June 2009. Exclusive: Mack at her 23rd birthday alfresco sit-down dinner celebration in LA with her younger brother Chandler on Christmas Eve in 2012. Exclusive: Mack wearing some really funky new spikey heel pumps taken in November 2012. Exclusive: Mack posing on the red carpet at The Academy Of Tv Arts & Sciences 'Fathers Day Salute To Tv Dads' on 18th June 2009.

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