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December 2012 News: EXCLUSIVE: AUTOGRAPHS JUST ARRIVED HERE, WILL BE SHIPPED OFF TO FANS OVER NEXT THREE WEEKS, UPDATES ON THE VIDEO INTERVIEW, NEW CANDIDS, MACK'S BDAY MESSAGES, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! EXCLUSIVE: THE AUTOGRAPHS HAVE NOW ARRIVED HERE, THEY’RE BEING SHIPPED OFF TO FANS OVER THE NEXT THREE WEEKS, UPDATES ON THE VIDEO INTERVIEW, NEW CANDIDS, MACK’S BDAY MESSAGES, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! The personally signed autographs have now arrived here, and I will be shipping them off over the next three weeks to the winners of the fan competition! Fans that won the fan competition can expect their personalised autograph to arrive in the mail within the next month and a half! I must say, they’re very beautiful and have turned out tremendously! I can’t wait for the fans to see theirs when they arrive! Mack has done a gorgeous job of signing them, and I know that the fans will truly appreciate it! In other news, the video interview has been briefly delayed till early next month, basically, due to weather the video interview has had to be delayed. The video interview is going to be filmed outside and unfortunately upon all attempts to shoot it (when Mack’s schedule has permitted), the weather has not co-operated with us, so it’s going to happen early next month! It will also be posted around that same time as well. I will have more news on the video toward the end of December, and will update on that. Thanks once again to all the fans who submitted an entry into the fan competition, your support for Mack and admiration isn’t unnoticed and Mack thanks all of her fans for their dedication! We hope every Mackenzie Rosman fan has a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year in 2013! We’d also like to wish Mack a very Happy 23rd Birthday for her big day on the 28th of December, which is only a few days away, so Happy 23rd Birthday Mack! Wishing you all the best! Fans can personally post and send their birthday message to Mack by clicking here. Fans will need to join up to the board (if they haven’t already), it is free and if you get stuck just email me at js4u2@hotmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you through the joining process. I’ll leave you guys now with some thumbnail previews, of photo’s that were recently added to the galleria…

Exclusive: A random candid of Mack's lighters lined up in a row. Mack's caption was 'Why is there always only 7 or none?. Exclusive: Mack, Hannah, Farida, Bridget, Kathleen And Friends Cutting Up A Roast Chicken Together For Dinner In 2011. Exclusive: Mack's Cat Hendrix & Dog Playing With Laser Looking Eyes In September 2012. Exclusive: A candid from on-set of 'Ghost Shark', a photo of the huge Shark prop being used for filming scenes of the movie in October 2012. Exclusive: A candid of a Cinco De Mayo Pinata in a garden at a 5th of May party Mack held in May 2012. Exclusive: Exclusive: A few crew members from 'Ghost Shark' work on colouring the Shark, for filming scenes of the movie during production in October 2012.

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