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Mack's New Film Project September 2011. Mack’s Filming New Movie: about a week ago, Mack started the filming for her new movie project. The only details we can reveal so far to you, is that the new movie is a new horror film. I am waiting on time to be able to release more details about the film to you all. Mack has been very busy lately, coming back from Africa mid-August and then getting into the filming schedule straight away! Anyway, hopefully I will have that information of news for you soon. Be sure to keep a look out on this site for the new update coming any time now. In other news; there has been a lot of new fans submitting membership’s with the fanlistings, it’s free to join the listing and you won’t miss out on any news. If you’re a fan of Mackenzie Rosman, be sure to join up today! A lot of fans have been wondering when I’ll be posting up the answers to the interview questions that Mack recently received.. due to Mack filming on a busy schedule, the answers will be coming right after she finishes up the filming! So I hope to be updating with the interview answers very soon, be sure to keep your eyes out by checking back on this space to see if the update is published yet. The questions selected for the interview, were very good questions and I’d love to thank all the fans for the questions upon sending them in. I can’t wait to post the answers! I hope everyone is having a good week, and I look forward to updating again soon! Mack was due to be doing a new photo-shoot sometime too, so hopefully we’ll have new photo’s soon.

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