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November 2012 News: EXCLUSIVE: NEW Exclusive Photos, Mack Information & Video Interview News Update on 3rd of November, 2012. EXCLUSIVE: BRAND NEW CANDID PHOTOS, MACK NEWS & AN UPDATE ON THE UPCOMING VIDEO INTERVIEW! There has been many new and exclusive photo’s added up into the photo galleria, including many candids of Mack catching up & chilling out with her good friends. Others include photos of Mack’s drinking cups, that are labelled with names, Mack likes to call herself the ‘Supreme Ruler’. In one of the new photos, Mack shows us a contestant’s entry into a pumpkin carving competition! You’ll find it quite funny. In Mack news; Mack has enjoyed catching up with friends & hanging out in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Mack and David recently attended a Halloween party with the staff of Mack’s horses’ ranch. The party was held at the San Juan Hills Golf Club on the 30th of October 2012. They had a great time and I will have photo’s posted soon from the party. In another candid photo you can see Mack’s gorgeous cat Hendrix, sitting in the grass and relaxing. I hope to add more candid photo’s to the galleria in the coming weeks as well. Now addressing the video interview news; an official transcript for the interview has been written up, including the fans names that had their questions selected.. the transcript is in Mackenzie’s hands and will be conducted very soon. I can’t wait to post the video up for you guys, it will be a very special treat and a terrific way for fans to interact from Mack. It’ll actually be the very first time Mack has done a video interview in years, and what better way to do it than for the fans. That is definitely something to look forward to! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to the site for any possible new updates that will have the video interview inside it! Of course when it happens, there will be a huge announcement of it. That’s all the news for now till next time. Mackenzie Rosman fans be safe, and to all those affected by the super hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the US and Canada.. my wishes and thoughts are with you all. All the best for recovery and rebuilding your lives. I’ll leave you all now with thumbnails to the latest added, exclusive photos

Exclusive: A gorgeous candid Mack's friend Colette took of Mack recently in October 2012. Exclusive: Friend Jared & Mack wearing funny glasses during May 2012 whilst hanging out. Exclusive: Mack posing with a huge Corona bottle pinata for Cinco De Mayo in May 2012. Exclusive: Mack caught up with friend Colette after getting back from filming in Louisiana, during October 2012. Exclusive: Mack caught up with friend Colette after getting back from filming in Louisiana, during October 2012. Exclusive: Mack took a photo of her and Davids drinking glasses, can you guess which one is Macks? Hahaha in October 2012.

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