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August 2012 News: Mack sitting in the car and posing for a photo with a huge Corona bottle pinyata in Los Angeles, CA. EXCLUSIVE ‘BLOOD CURE’ INFO; Mackenzie Rosman fans can now read a plot summary of her new film ‘Blood Cure’. It’s pretty interesting and explains a lot more about the character that Mack will be playing. As fans will know, this is the first film that Mack will portray a lead role in. It’s very exciting! We can’t wait for the first trailer to be released at a later date, that will only happen once the crew have locked picture on the movie. For Mackenzie Rosman fans that are looking forward to learning more about the ‘Blood Cure’ film, they can now read the synopsis here:

“After an unforeseen and violent affliction turns her world upside down, Rowena Hambleton struggles to survive night-to-night as she prowls the streets of Los Angeles. If there is a cure for what ails her, Rowena has yet to find it.”

That description will also be posted onto the film’s IMDB profile page soon. By reading that, you’ll also notice that Macks character’s full name in the film is Rowena Hambleton. In other news on ‘Blood Cure’, the title name ‘Blood Cure’ is actually only a temporary name and there will be an official title name of the film announced at a later date. Be sure to keep checking the website here to get the updates on the film. The movie is currently in post-production and the film’s crew are seeking a composer for the score of the project. They’re aiming to lock picture by the end of August but that depends on how progress with all of the above goes. For more news updates and information on the status of the film, keep checking back here for the latest announcements. Going onto other news; the fan competition has already had a few entries, I urge fans of Mackenzie Rosman to enter by submitting a question for Mack to answer in an exclusive video interview, that will be posted up here on the website. Fans can enter by emailing me here with their name and their question. It can be any question but must only be one. All the best ten questions will be selected and included for the interview, not only will fans who win get to see their question asked and answered on camera, they’ll also receive a signed autograph from Mack! Onto the site news; there has been many new fans added to the Official MackRosman.Net Twitter and the Official Mackenzie Rosman Facebook. If you haven’t already joined, be sure to for all the exclusive photo’s, news and updates that are posted. I hope to edit this entry later with some new photo’s, so keep checking back for that coming soon. I’ll also have some exciting exclusive news on something Mack’s been up to, that will be in the next update. That’s it for now fans, have a good week ahead and look forward to all the news updates yet to come!

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Mystique Says:

This is all very exciting! I can hardly wait to see the trailer for the movie. I’m also looking forward to seeing Mack on video answering questions from her fans. So COME ON, MACK FANS, submit your questions for her now! Isn’t there at least one thing that you’ve been wanting to know about Mack for a long time?

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