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August 2012 News: Mack standing in a pose for a photo at a recent car unveiling show in Los Angeles, CA. EXCLUSIVE FAN COMPETITION! I can now announce the full details of the upcoming fan competition. It’s pretty simple. I’ll be asking fans to submit and send to me, only ONE question, that they would love to ask Mack. Once all questions are collected and read, the best 10 questions will be selected. Only 10. They will all then go into an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW with Mack!. As the first prize; fans that submit questions and have theirs selected, will have their question asked and personally answered on camera from Mack! Pretty awesome! Not only will they get that, there is also another prize. A second prize; the winning fans will also personally receive a signed autograph from Mack! These are terrific double prizes, and this is a very exciting competition for Mackenzie Rosman fans!! As of right now; I am officially taking in question submissions from fans and will be reading each one as a contender; so to be one of the first fans to enter and submit a question, click here to send in your question. All competition entrants will receive a personal reply from me in the same day to let them know that I received their entry. Happy mailing and good luck! Check the next update at the website for more information on the competition and to find out when entries will eventually close. MORE BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE PHOTO’S; included in this exclusive update is six more new candid photo’s, personally from Mack! They include a candid of Mack posing with David and three horses, Mack riding Odysseus, Mack hugging a giant blow-up Corona bottle and another is of Mack dressed up for Halloween, posing with friends. Make sure you check the photo galleria out to see all the newly added photo’s! You won’t want to miss the awesome candids. In other site news; there has been many new fans added to the Official Facebook Page of Mackenzie Rosman’s found here and to the MackRosman.Net Twitter as well, which is found here. If you are a fan of Mack, be sure to join as well. That’s it for now, hang out for the next update on here which will announce more details on when the competition ends. For now, I’ll leave you with those brand new candid photo’s personally from Mack…

From Mack: From Mack: From Mack: From Mack: From Mack: Mack and fellow former 7th Heaven co-star Beverley Mitchell, having dinner together and catching up recently in Los Angeles, CA. - 21st July 2012.

4 Responses

Mystique Says:

Love, love, love the contest, it’s so exciting! My question for Mack has already been sent in to you, hope you like it (lol). I’m really enjoying all the new candids you’re posting too, especially since they have comments from Mack herself underneath them.

James Says:

Awesome competition! I hope my Q gets through 🙂

Love the new pics and lmao at the halloween one!!

MMAdmin Says:

Mystique, I’m glad you enjoyed this new update, I sure did receive your question, thank you for sending it in. Awesome! 🙂

MMAdmin Says:

James, thank you, I’m glad you like it! It’s very exciting! Your question did also arrive, thank you for submitting and entering. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the new candid photo’s.

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