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July 2012 News: Mack standing outside the horse sculptured fountain in Piccadilly Circus, London, UK. BRAND NEW, EXCLUSIVE PHOTO’S! Fans; I have a real treat for you in this update! Posted up underneath this entry is six brand new pictures, specifically for this site and for you guys to see! These photo’s are completely new and highly exclusive, they’re actually personally from Mack, for the site. So it’s a very special treat to fans, be sure to check them all out. Mack also personally wrote captions to each of the photo’s which are added in description on the photo galleria, and can be also seen when you hover over the thumbnails below, with your mouse in ‘alt’ form. The first photo is of Mack and her amazingly beautiful horse Odysseus at a recent horse-jumping show. There is a candid of Mack taking a break from some Spring skiing in Mammoth! Another exclusive photo is of Mack posing in front of a new model car at a recent car unveiling. Other photo’s include candids of Mack spending time with her little pet dog Paloma, hanging out on a holiday in Piccadilly Circus, whilst in London, and also striking a pose with a celebrity wax figure at a Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Be sure to check them all out following underneath this entry, they’re previewed by thumbnails. They’re also posted in the photo galleria, don’t miss out on those. Now going onto ‘Blood Cure’ news; post-production is still continuing but it’s all getting a lot closer now, which is the exciting news! I recently heard from Alain again (director of ‘Blood Cure’), George Linder and Alain were meeting with the post-production supervisor earlier last week for meetings on talks about the remaining post schedule. So hopefully I’ll have another update on the film very soon, there will be more news announced to me within the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out for that news as well! In other site news; I have added multiple new top affiliates to the website (if you own a fansite too, you can apply to be a top affiliate to this site as well), by clicking here to send your link & details. Before I go, I have some very exciting news to share with you all… there will be a massively exclusive Mackenzie Rosman fan-competition coming within the next month, fan’s will not want to miss out on this, particularly the double prizes that will be won which include official autographs from Mack! There is 10 to be won! I’ll be posting about this competition in the next update with FULL details, make sure you don’t miss out on that post! For now, I’ll leave you with the latest exclusive photo’s…

From Mack: From Mack: From Mack: From Mack: From Mack: From Mack:

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MackRosmanNews Says:

Thanks for the updates… Come on Bloodcure!!! The fan comp… YES!! If I miss out on a prize I will be shattered πŸ™

MMAdmin Says:

You’re welcome! I’m glad the fans love the new update! The fan competition will be amazing! Make sure when the full details are announced, that you submit & enter. πŸ™‚

Martin Horton Says:

Nothing to do with this stuff I think your a great person and actor who I do have a small crush on. Keep up the good work and putting out great films for us guys over seas

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