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June 2012 News: Mack ocean-boarding in the surf off of the Gulf Coast of Texas near Port Aransas, TX with family during Memorial Day weekend. Blood Cure news; I recently heard from the director Alain (of this brand new film that Mack is starring in with a lead role of Rowena), and hopefully sometime this month of June, they’ll have a locked picture. Once there is a locked picture, then that’s when there will be a teaser/trailer clip released and available for fans/public to see! Some actors were able to oversee a few of their own scenes a few weeks ago, so if everything with post-production goes well and as it should, there could be a locked picture sometime within this month! It’s very exciting and fun to look forward to! It’s even more exciting for Mack fans as Mack has a LEAD role in this movie! In networking news for fans; the official MackRosmanNet Twitter has now got 30 followers & counting! That Twitter account is the only Twitter for this website. It is the only official one. It is a place that fans can read about new updates, new photo’s and anything else that happens over here at the site. It’s the ultimate place for any Mackenzie Rosman fan. There is also an official Mackenzie Rosman Facebook page where all fans can network & communicate with other Mack fans. It is also the only actual official Facebook page on Facebook for Mackenzie Rosman. I urge fans to visit those networking pages to interact with other fans & keep up-to-date with all the news. In other news; there has been multiple new photo’s added into the photo galleria. Be sure to check them out, there is many new photo-shoot shots added from a Rena Durham shoot that Mack did many many years ago! There is also a rare candid of Mack & fellow former 7th Heaven actress Beverley Mitchell attending the 3rd Annual Movieline Magazine’s Young Hollywood Awards in 2001, both standing on the red carpet at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. It’s almost a quick trip down memory lane for many 7th Heaven fans, looking back to those very early days. That’s all for now, I will be posting a new update again soon with more news about Blood Cure. I’ll leave you all now with thumbnail previews to the latest added images in the galleria…

A very young Mack & Beverley Mitchell attending the 3rd Annual Movieline Magazine's Young Hollywood Awards at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Los Angeles in April 29th 2001. Rena Durham Photo Shoot in 2003. Rena Durham Photo Shoot in 2003. Rena Durham Photo Shoot in 2003. Rena Durham Photo Shoot in 2003. Rena Durham Photo Shoot in 2003.

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Gwen Says:

Hey Jaz! The site is looking great! I’m adding you to top affs today! πŸ™‚

MMAdmin Says:

Hi Gwen, thank you! I just saw that it’s added. Also, the site name is now officially MackRosman.Net, if you want to change the ALT name from Mack Mania in the link to MackRosman.Net? Let me know if you can do that. Thanks again.


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