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April 2012 News: Mack & David sharing a kiss & dancing at their hosted Cinco De Mayo party on the 5th May 2012 Great news for fans; MackRosman.Net now has an official twitter account! As Twitter has such a huge network of Mackenzie Rosman fans, I thought it would be a terrific idea to create an official twitter for this website, so even website visitors here can network the updates & news, on there as well! It’s an amazing online communication for all the fans of Mack from around the world, to keep up-to-date with minute by minute news! So if you’re a member of Twitter, make sure you visit this link: @MackRosmanNet and ‘follow’ the account to get all the news. In other subjects; a few of Blood Cure‘s actors & actresses reviewed their filmed scenes last week on monitor sets. The project has been under post-production for some time now & fans will be happy to know that the teaser trailer will be coming out pretty soon! It’s exciting as it is Mack’s first LEAD FILM ROLE, and not only that, but Mack also co-produced on the movie as well. In other news; I’ve scanned a few of our old file folders for the website & found a bunch of rare candids. Including ones of Mack signing autographs for fans at one of her early appearances, those were during her 7th Heaven days. There is also photos of Mack with Beverley & Jesse, from the wrap party of their long running WB television show. Before I go, Happy Memorial Day & RIP to those that have fallen for our freedom. You are all, never forgotten. I’ll leave you now with previews to the latest added candids…

Mack kissing & chatting to partner David during their hosted Cinco De Mayo party that was held on the 5th of May 2012. Mack with fellow 7th Heaven cast members on their last filming day on set in 2006. Mack with fans on-set posing for a photo in 2000. Mack chatting, greeting, meeting fans & signing autographs for them back in 2001. Mack posing with her fellow horse-jumping team after winning 1st place in a big championship competition in 2006. Mack posing with fellow 7th Heaven cast members, Beverley & Jesse during the 7th Heaven wrap party.

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James Says:

Blood Cure.. YES! Can’t wait 🙂 Thanks for the update and the new Twitter account is great!

MMAdmin Says:

I know! I can’t wait either, hopefully soon sometime toward the end of June there might be a teaser or trailer clip. Hopefully before that, there is some screen stills. You’re welcome for all the updates! Thanks! 🙂


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