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February 2012 News: Mack & fellow 7th Heaven Cast Member Beverley Mitchell did a NOH8 Campaign Photo Shoot in February 2012 The NOH8 Campaign is a very special non-profit organization which holds a very important message. It is to promote marriage, gender, human equality through social media, education, advocacy and visual protest. The campaign is a photographic silent protest created by a celebrity photographer named Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley, in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. The photo’s are taken of subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world. The NOH8 Campaign sign is painted on one cheek of the subject. Mack and fellow 7th Heaven cast member Beverley Mitchell, went to the studio’s and did a photo shoot with the photographer from the NOH8 Campaign. Their photographs turned out really cool and we have posted them up in the photo galleria, be sure to check those out! There will also be thumbnail previews to those particular photo’s & other new candid’s taken in February, left at the end of this entry update. There will also be thumbnail previews posted including a picture of Beverley Mitchell and Mack, from a dinner date they had towards the end of January. There is also two photos of Mack & Beverley Mitchell hanging out with Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff and some other girls. They all had a dinner together. That’s all the news for now, it’s good to see Mack supporting great organizations. For all upcoming news releases & information, continue checking by here to see any new updates. Now I’ll leave you with thumbnails to the most recently added photo’s…

Mack & Beverley Mitchell posing in their NOH8 Campaign Photo Shoot in February 2012. Mack posing in their NOH8 Campaign Photo Shoot in February 2012. Mack posing in their NOH8 Campaign Photo Shoot in February 2012. Mack posing with Beverley Mitchell, Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff and other girls after dinner in February 2012. Mack posing with Beverley Mitchell, Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff and other girls after dinner in February 2012. Mack and Beverley Mitchell posing together on a dinner date in February 2012.

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RCMRfan Says:

I have to say, this disappoints me. If the NOH8 campaign was to “promote marriage”/ full stop/ that would be fine. It’s not, though. It is to promote “marriage equality”, which is code for “homosexual marriage,” which I oppose. This is not about “hate”, it’s about the fact that gay marriage is a dumb idea. The fact that this campaign was started by a homosexual, who is obviously on a political vendetta against the will of the people, and a law he doesn’t like (Prop 8)ought to make the agenda perfectly clear.

Besides,the idea that anyone’s voice is being “silenced” by Prop 8, or any other similar law, is ludicrous. Obviously, they aren’t being silenced. They’re getting free publicity for their political stunt. I’m disappointed that Mack and Bev Mitchell are gullible enough to get sucked into this sort of thing.

Stephen Says:

I am appalled by your comment. I have never heard anyone refer to equality as “stupid” before.

You clearly hold a lot of hatred towards homosexuals and it’s a dated mind-set. I applaud these two women who were both on a religious show showing their support for marriage equality.

RCMRfan Says:

I didn’t call anything “stupid”, cetainly not “equality.” I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of claiming to be pushing for “equality” when they are not really pushing for equality, and of claiming to be silenced, when they are obviously not being silenced. (Here’s a hint: “Silenced” people don’t get free publicity for their political stunts. Silenced people, by definition, are silent. That is, they can’t be heard. Silencing people who disagree with them (by falsely claiming they are all motivated by hate) is what this man’s campaign is really about, not equality.)

Calling a political campaign a political campaign, and identifying who is behind it, and what their aims are, is not evidence of hate. It’s evidence of truth telling.

Continuing to claim that anyone who opposes your political agenda is motivated by “hate” doesn’t make it so. What it evidences is that you know you can’t win the issue in a rational debate, so you feel the need to toy with people’s emotions. That’s all that the NOH8 campaign is doing. It’s not fighting hate. It’s not pushing for “equality.” It’s pushing a political agenda, and lying about its aims. It’s aim is not equality, or even “marriage equality” (Because those already exist), but legal recognition of homosexual marriage. Pointing this out, and even opposing it, has nothing to do with hate. It just has to do with thinking it’s a bad idea.

Stephen Says:

Long story short, this organization is supporting marriage equality, which does not exist, like you say it does.

No one is knocking on your door asking for your support, they volunteered to do the photo shoot, just because you say it’s “political agenda” doesn’t mean it is.

It’s really sad that there are still people out there like you.

RCMRfan Says:

“Marriage equality” is code for “Homosexual marriage.” It has no other meaning. If you read the article, it clearly says that the point of the campaign is the overthrow of Prop. 8, and other similar laws. That makes it a political campaign in favor of homosexual marriage, and nothing else.

Homosexuals have equal rights to get married, just the same as anyone else. They just have to abide by the laws everyone else abides by. One of these laws is that you must marry someone of the opposite sex. They don’t like the law, so they are claiming it denies them “equality”, which is not true. They want to change the law to give temselves a right noone else has. That’s not equality. That’s privilege.

This is a political campaign, and it is not about equality. It’s about pushing gay marriage. If you would read the article, that’s patently obvious.

Just because I don’t agree with you, and the political agenda of this campaign, does not make me full of hate.

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