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January 2012 News: 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Premieres Music Video Featuring Mackenzie Rosman January 2012 ‘Just Like Goodbye’ by Heartstop has now premiered and we have the video right here for you to see! Mack is featured a lot in the clip, with a lead role as the ‘It’ girl. Be sure to check out the video here. I have also added a lot of screen stills up into the photo galleria, so be sure to check those out as well! I’ll also be leaving preview thumbnails to the music video stills at the end of this entry update. Mack looks amazing & beautiful in the music clip, and can be seen sporting sunglasses poolside with a Hawaiian Lei in her hands, going on a date in a lovely black dress and also in a nightclub looking for her certain someone. Be sure to leave your feedback on the comments section link above this entry. Or in the tagboard if you like. We’d love to hear what you think! Also, in other news, there is a fake Twitter profile called RosmanMack, please do not follow it as it is fake, the only REAL Twitter profile is @Mack_Rosman and only that one. Anyhow, onto good news again, here is the official launch of Mack’s music video clip ‘Just Like Goodbye’ by Heartstop, premiering here on MackRosman.Net

Mack appearing in the 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Music Video Premiere January 2012. Mack appearing in the 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Music Video Premiere January 2012. Mack appearing in the 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Music Video Premiere January 2012. Mack appearing in the 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Music Video Premiere January 2012. Mack appearing in the 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Music Video Premiere January 2012. Mack appearing in the 'Just Like Goodbye' by Heartstop Music Video Premiere January 2012.

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Mystique Says:

Wow! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video!!! Mack looks great, love the black dress with ties at the shoulders that she’s wearing in the restaurant/club scene. She’s starting to look a lot more mature these days too. The song is very good too. WTG Mack! Looking forward to seeing her latest work being released this year.

RCMRfan Says:

I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t my kind of music. The song was okay for what it was, and the video was effective at telling the story it wanted to tell.

I agree with Mystique that Mack looks much more mature in this video than I’ve seen her before. She was really able to pull off the black dress, which she might not have been able to carry when she was younger.

I was most struck by Mack’s acting in the video. I think she made a comment in her interview here that acting in a video was harder because you have to convey everything without words. She did that here very well. Her facial expressions and body language told the story, and conveyed the character’s feelings and emotions well, while seeming natural and sincere. Maybe it is because we got so comfortable seeing her as Ruthie, that it didn’t seem like she was acting playing that character, but this was a different level of acting than I’ve seen from her before. Quite good.

I really liked it.

Just one question: Who was the blonde who stole the guy at the end?

MMAdmin Says:

That is Carmen Electra.

Mark Says:

Hey Mackenzie how’s it goin hope everything is going good for ya like the Music Video that your in it awesome, well hope to here from ya soon beautiful

AussieFan Says:

In regard to the twitter account there are actually 5 different accounts! It’s crazy! I can’t believe so many people are creating fake accounts! Whats the point :/ She should report them especially when her acting career is based on publicity and fans. Those fake accounts could tweet things that could affect her public image.

Apart from that – Can’t wait for Blood Cure! It’s great to see her in a lead role 🙂

MMAdmin Says:

Hi AussieFan,

Yes, there is actually over 20 fake Twitter accounts of Mack, or close to. The only REAL one is here: https://twitter.com/#!/Mack_Rosman

Yeah, I know, I can’t believe it either. They all have way too much time on their hands, to do the stuff that they do. It’s a crime, and they will be caught eventually. Mack’s management know all about it too. They are reported but Twitter take a long time getting to the cases and working on them. Mack, herself, has not been able to log in to her Twitter properly lately because of some technical issues, but hopefully they will resolve that soon. Twitter are working on it at the moment. I’ll keep you all posted on that. 🙂

I agree about Blood Cure! I can’t wait to see it, the trailer should be coming out soon, the actor’s in it were going through their scenes on replay last week & this week.

– MMAdmin

AussieFan Says:

Yes way too much time on their hands for sure!

A new one popped up saying it linked to the original Twitter page because of a loss of password. It has uploaded a heap of images (maybe some taken from this site?) but the English is not quite right. It also links to a facebook page.

(To the Readers: The Twitter accounts mentioned below are not verified)

Have a look you will see what I mean – @Macky_rosman

Another one “just created a facebook page” and then from that page links to your facebook fanpage – @RealMackRosman. That one replied back to one of my Tweets and then I mentioned about getting the account verified and they replied “they have been trying”.

I don’t get it, If the point for them is to get followers it defeats the purpose when you pretend to be someone else…

I have been waiting for the trailer and a release date to be announced for ages, I hope it’s soon! It’s been in post-production for awhile now.

AussieFan Says:

Hey I couldn’t find a link to contact the admin directly –

I am putting together a fan/news twitter feed for Mack, would you have any probz if I linked your site? Not to claim it’s my site but to link fans as this is probably the best fan site out there.

I will make sure people know it’s a fan/news page and not another fake impersonation.

Feel free to remove this post after you answer if needed or just email me directly 🙂


MMAdmin Says:

Hi AussieFan,

They sure do. I hope all the fake Twitter accounts are taken down one day soon.

Oh okay, thank you for those Twitter names, I’ll have a look and check them out. I can report them for that, as they did not ask my permission to do that. Mack has her own official Twitter for fans, but has had trouble logging in lately. Hopefully it is resolved very soon. Twitter can take a while on those sorts of things, though. I have been thinking of making an official Twitter account for this website, and linking the updates through there, thank you for your email. I replied to it a moment ago. 🙂


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