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Exclusive Photo Shoot Photo; Mack in the article shoot for Zooey Magazine 2010. If you saw the most recent previous entries to this one, you’d know that I announced Mack is being FEATURED in a new MUSIC video clip!”> This is pretty awesome news for Mack, as it is her first ever video clip she has been featured. I’ve heard the song to the clip & it is very good! I look forward to seeing it when it is ready, at the moment it is being edited in post-production but I will have more news on that very soon! Anyhow, at the time of first announcing the news of the video clip for the music, there was very scarce details announced about the feature, but I can now reveal the band/artist of the clip & the name of the song title…. the band is Heartstop, they’re a currently un-signed band but are getting a lot of attention very rapidly. Their sound is similar to the likes of ‘Kings of Leon’ and other bands in that genre. Now for the title, the song of the music video clip that Mack is featured in is “Just Like Goodbye”. For anyone who is not familiar with this band, you can find more information at this link including listening to the new song ‘Just Like Goodbye’t that Mack will be featured in the video clip of… Heartstop & ‘Just Like Goodbye’ is the first song on the playlist of their Myspace page there. Be sure to listen to it & let me know what you think in the tagboard! The clip was filmed last October 2010 & is currently still under editing, but it should be finished soon & I will have all the news you need on that shortly! I can also say that there is another big celebrity being featured in the SAME video clip, and that is Carmen Electra.. so both her & Mack will be in the same music clip. Look forward to more news on that soon, hopefully in the next entry that I make on here. In other very cool news; I can say that Mack is planning a NEW head-shot promo shoot soon, so fans can look forward to new promo photo’s coming in the near future! I’ll of course have more details on that as the information is released to me, it’s just yet another thing to look forward to! In other recent news, fans will know it was Mack’s 21st birthday last December, on the 28th; Mack celebrated her birthday by taking a trip to New York City with her boyfriend David, and had an awesome time! That is all for now in this entry but I will update again shortly with all the exciting news about the video clip, I might even have a special preview of it in the next update hopefully, so look forward to that! I’ll leave you with previews to some new & old photo’s that I added recently…

Exclusive Candid Photo; Mack attending the 'Inspire a Little Love' charity event at 740 club in LA. Exclusive Candid Photo; Mack & Emily mucking around. Exclusive Candid Photo; Mack & Chad at Katelyn's Black & White Party 2006. Exclusive Promo Photo Shoot Photo; Mack's photo shoot photographs with Zooey Magazine 2010. Exclusive Candid Photo; Mack & David at Claude & Katharine's wedding from October 2010. Exclusive Candid Photo; Mack, Katelyn & Chad at Katelyn's Black & White Party 2006.

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