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Most Twitter profiles you see are fake!. Attention all fans: Here are all the fake Twitter profiles! Most of the Twitter profiles that you see on Twitter under Mack’s name are fake. There is ONLY ONE REAL TWITTER & that is @Mack_Rosman, PLEASE FOLLOW @MACK_ROSMAN. ALL the rest are fake & fans should not follow them at all. I urge fans not to as it just feels the posers fuel. PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. It’s really quite pathetic for them to do what they’re doing, it is actually a crime, IT’S FRAUD even. I want to let all fans know that Mack’s management camp do know about all the fake Twitter profiles and they’re going to deal with them next week. This is just a short update to notify all the fans on Twitter to be aware of the profiles on there being nothing but fake & let people know that had been believing the fakers on there, that they’re fake impersonating profiles & beware of more being made. As I said, the fake profile holders will be dealt with next week. It may be a slow process but things are being done. I mean, seriously, what kind of people are these? Who obviously have too much time on their hands. In the words of Stephen Collins on Twitter (who is real on there & verified), “Posers/Fakers on Twitter are a sad, low form of life. They’re also committing fraud.” Amen. So for the fans out there, be careful, be aware & don’t be so naive. Please take care & report fake profiles. This is a list of the fake Twitter profiles to unfollow or block: mackyrosman, MRosman2, IamMackenzie, daREALmackenzie, MackenzieRosman, MackMainia, TheRealMRosman, mackierosman, Rosman_Mack, MackRosman & MackLynRosman ARE ALL FAKE Twitter profiles!

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