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July 2020 News: JULY 2020: NEW PHOTOS, NEWS & MORE for July 2020! Hi guys, I hope you are all navigating through this coronavirus situation all okay! It’s been nuts! I hope you’re all doing okay, staying healthy and happy, and have good support around you. It can make us all anxious and worried but the best thing to do is stay calm, keep going along and keep in touch with loved ones. In Mackenzie Rosman news; Mack has been looking after her horses and keeping busy on the farm at the barn. Mack is willing to sign more autographs for fans in the next coming months, so stay tuned for an email address to send your requests into, and for anyone that has already sent in a request, your request has been added to a list and will be fulfilled in the order they were sent, etc. A number of new photo’s have been added up into the photo galleria, so be sure to check those out! You’ll also notice the opening image on this post is featuring Mack with her former costars on ‘7th Heaven’, George Stults and Geoff Stults.

In other news; I have plans to start working on the creation of a brand new layout for the website, it will take a long time to get it altogether but I will be doing it and have started putting the plans in place, so stay tuned for that also! For fans of the tv show 7th Heaven, do you still have hope that there will be a reboot of the family series?

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