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January 2020 News: JANUARY 2020: NEW PHOTOS, SITE NEWS & MACK NEWS for January 2020! Hi guys, I hope you all had a great holiday break over the last month, it was a hectic one! We were glad to see the new decade and the new year 2020. How about you? In other news, Mackenzie celebrated her 30th birthday last month on December 28th, and I have new photographs to add to the photo gallery so be sure to head there shortly and see the new additions. Mack has also got her instagram account now fully verified on the platform so if you want to check that out, the link is: instagram.com/mackrosman. You might remember that account was eventually acquired by the REAL Mack in 2016 and has been hers officially ever since. To all the fans emailing in and requesting autographs from Mack, I will be asking her if we can sort those out for you all soon. I know theres been so many emailing in and requesting and we’ll do our best to accommodate that, thank you. Just hang in there and please be patient.

I am in the thought process of new ideas for the layout on the site, everything has been renewed and I think starting the new decade means a whole new theme/layout too, I mean, it’s only fair right? We can continue to hope there is a reunion one day of 7th Heaven but to everybody asking if there is one, I have no news on that, sorry. If I do, I’d be happy to share but there is nothing concrete at the moment.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website, especially to those who visit each week or day, we really appreciate it and all your support! It is not lost on us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stick around and stay tuned as I have a lot of brand new updates and theme/layout changes in the pipeline and am aiming to get it all up soon. Stay tuned! Have a great week xo

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