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Mackenzie Rosman Attends Taurus World Stunt Awards 2015; It was a nice night at Paramount Studios where actress Mackenzie Rosman attended the annual event of the Taurus World Stunt Awards for 2015. Mack looked amazing in a gold shimmery sequenced top and white creamy blazer, you can see a preview thumbnail of the photo below and click on it to see the photo in its entirety. You’ll notice Mackenzie is posing with somebody, that is stunt actor Kendall Wells, star of The Hunted and Blood Trail, he has also appeared on popular tv show Deadliest Warrior. Kendall also worked on the upcoming horror film Nightcomer as a stuntman, which you’ll know Mackenzie is also a part of as Mack plays the lead role of Rowena Hamilton. A lot of fans are waiting until they can see this new film, its said to still be in post-production. We’ll update you guys further whenever anything comes up for the movie.

Loads Of New Photos Have Been Added; As usual, there is plenty of new photos that have graced the website, both on the Official Facebook and also at the website’s very own photo galleria, be sure to check them all out! There is a couple of candids, a nice random snap of Mackenzie’s beautiful dog Hanky and of course the event photo of Mackenzie attending the Taurus World Stunt Awards 2015 along with actor Kendall Wells. Just for a little fun, I threw in a throwback photo of actresses & former co-star of Mackenzie’s Jessica Biel, they were both so young then! Check them all out by heading over to the link here. And of course, I’ll be adding more photos this week! I have loads of them to add, I’m actually a little backlogged at the moment, so I’m working hard on getting up-to-date, also along with the updates for each month. Since they all come in two parts. Enjoy!

Mackenzie Goes Walking & Attends Yoga Classes; It was a lovely afternoon when Mackenzie Rosman went for a walk with her dog, there is a random snap from the outing walk and you can find it in the preview thumbnails below. By the way, nice jogger shoes Mack! Love them and their colour! In other news, Mackenzie Rosman also attended a yoga class with her instructor friend Alyssa. Yoga is such a good exercise activity and is better on your body than other forms of exercises. http://mackrosman.net/?p=2098 http://mackrosman.net/?p=2098 http://mackrosman.net/?p=2098You can find a rare candid of Mackenzie standing on a yoga mat from the yoga class, it is also below in the preview thumbnails, be sure to click on them to see their full sizes. Who else does yoga here? It is very popular in Los Angeles and really actually popular over the world now. That’s all the current news for now, I’ll be updating very soon with part one to May 2015, for now you can check out the following preview thumbnails and the regular audio podcast below, have a great week ahead fans…

EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Candid In The Garden April 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Attends A Yoga Class With Instructor & Friend Alyssa in May 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Takes a Walk With Dog One Afternoon in Los Angeles in May 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman's Dog Hanky Yawning Up a Storm One Morning in May 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman and Actor Kendall Wells Attend the Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles May 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman and Actress Jessica Biel Pose At a Spelling Television Party in 1999 in Los Angeles.

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