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Exclusive New Photos In The Galleria; Plenty of new candids have been added up into the website’s photo galleria! Be sure to check them all out. The candids are exclusive photos to the website and feature a beautiful catch up with Mackenzie’s best friend Allison. They took a photo together and it’s just gorgeous. There is also some random photos that Mackenzie Rosman snapped herself, straight from her Instagram account. One candid is a lovely photo of Mackenzie’s pet cat Slash, sitting down resting. Head on over to the photo galleria now to see all of the the newest photos, I’ll be adding more up along with the next website post update.

TheBesty.Com Feature Is Now Here & Published!; It’s official! Mackenzie Rosman’s top restaurant picks for TheBesty.com have now been published on their website and added! To check out Mackenzie’s awesome feature write-up, you can find the link here. Be sure to check it out and find out what is Mackenzie’s favorite restaurant and eateries are. There is also tips there in the ‘notes’ that Mackenzie has shared, on how to get the best experience out of each venue and what she personally thinks is the best selections on the menu! It’s a pretty cool feature and visitors can rate the venues, including members of TheBesty.com, members can also share their picks with other members. In this feature, Mackenzie sat down and wrote down her fave top 7 picks, ranging from Italian, Mexican, Chinese to Peruvian food. Mack loves it all! Head on over there now to read it and learn more about your favorite actress!

More Site News & General News; It’s hard to believe it’s already March 2015! Time is really flying by. In the last update, I mentioned that I was contemplating designing a brand layout for the website here, that is still going ahead but it will definitely take some time. I’m not expecting to launch the new layout until later in the year, but I am currently jotting down ideas and visualisations of the way I picture it to look. It’s exciting! I would love to know what is some things you guys would like to see up here at the website, please leave a comment with your ideas using the ‘comment’ link above this post, you’ll find the comment link underneath the title of the post but above the actual post’s writing. I’m always open to ideas from visitors and fans as well. Hopefully soon we’ll have the exclusive Question’s/Answers from Mackenzie Rosman to post up here, it will be a surprise on how it’s being delivered but I know that the fans will love it a lot! Until then, enjoy the latest preview thumbnails below and also the regular audio podcast that is also posted below, have a great weekend…

EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Caught Up With Her Best Friend Allison In March 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: A Beautiful Sunset Snap Mackenzie Took, Straight From Mackenzie Rosman's Instagram @mackadeeznuts. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman's Love For Cheese Continues In March 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Saw Van Halen Perform In An LA Street During March 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Friends Caring For Friends In March 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman's Cat Slash Taking A Rest In February 2015.

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