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Mackenzie Rosman’s New Candids; A bunch of brand new candids have been added up into the websites photo galleria, be sure to check them out by going here. They include a lunch Mackenzie had with friends that involved some delicious Korean food! There is also a cute candid shot Mack took of herself, wearing a gorgeous hooded coat to keep warm in the recent strange cold weather that Los Angeles is currently experiencing. You can also check that candid photo out above in this news entry photo. One other funny photo is of a poster thats a Cabbage Patch kid orientated sketch that Mackenzie Rosman owns, but the real relation from it is that it says ‘Toothie Ruthie‘. Anyhow, in addition to those aforementioned images, there is plenty of new candid photos that have recently been posted into the sites photo galleria and you should check them out! Also; the new statistics of the website is in and there has been a total of 3.3 million views on the gallery! Amazing! I’m pleased that I am able to bring the latest Mackenzie Rosman news and photos to all of you fans out there! Enjoy!

Plenty of Site News Updates; In one of the recent New Year messages that I sent out to the Mackenzie Rosman fans, I mentioned that this site will be getting a brand new web layout design. That is correct and it is definitely happening! As for what time it’ll happen, that is unknown at the moment, but the website will definitely get a whole revamping and I cannot wait to start working on it! Keep your eyes peeled around here for any updates to come on that. In other site news; you would recall that the websites own photo galleria got a new design as well, fans are loving it and the feedback has been terrific! There is a few other sections of the site that will be given an uplift too, including the news section and multimedia. Those are all things to look forward to in this new year of 2015!

Merry Christmas to all the Mackenzie Rosman fans; I would love to wish all of the wonderful fans here that visit day to day and catch up on all of the latest Mackenzie Rosman news each month, a very Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy spending time with your families, eating lots of yummy foods and relaxing since it is the holidays after all. Have a very safe holiday season, and look forward to all that the new year in 2015 has to bring! That is all the news for now, I’ll leave you with the latest audio podcast and the latest candid photos that have been added into the galleria…

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman with Friend Willie Hanging Out Around a Bonfire at The Cork Factory in Baltimore, Maryland on 8th December 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Sporting Her Hooded Faux Fur Coat for LAs Rainy Weather in early December 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Out For Birthday Lunch with Friends Grace & Will at Quarters Korean BBQ in LA on 28th December 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Went to Santa Monica Beach in LA to Catch Up With Good Friend Sean on November 25th 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman's 'Toothie Ruthie' Cabbage Pail Kids Poster From Back in the '7th Heaven' Days 7th January 2015. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Riding Her Jumping Horse Odysseus at a Recent San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Show in November 2014.

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