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Mackenzie Rosman’s Cute Minion Onesie; How cool are the new minion onesies?!? Mackenzie Rosman recently posed for a candid photo, sporting a cute yellow Minion onesie. Mack was hanging out with her friend Emily in Los Angeles when Mack tried on a Minion outfit and snapped the candid. I have added the cool candid photo up into the photo galleria, be sure to check it out, including all of the other new candids that have been added recently.

Plenty Of Brand New Candids Are Posted Up; A part of this website is to bring you guys the latest news and the latest photos of all things Mackenzie Rosman. That includes new candid photos and I have good news; I have just added a bunch of new exclusive candids for you to check out. You can check them all out, right here. A lot of fans wonder what Mack is up to, especially now that it’s been a while since tv show ‘7th Heaven was in-production, so fans are set to relying on website information. The fastest, most exciting to use platform. And that is why I bring you guys the latest news and photos from Mack. I hope you all enjoy my monthly updates. I hear back from so many of you that enjoy visiting and catching up on the latest news, thank you for interacting and visiting! Mackenzie loves all of the dedicated support from all of you!

Brand New Photo Gallery Design & Layout Design; You’ll all notice a brand new photo galleria design that is up over at the photo galleria! Its something completely new and different, it also includes a cool little flash design. I hope you guys like it! I plan on designing a whole new theme design for this website over the next coming months. This one has been up for a very long time and I just feel like its time for a change up. I mean, Mackenzie Rosman has since done a few new photo shoots as well, so it would be cool to feature those new photos in a brand new design. What do you all think? I’ll be starting preparations and work on that soon, so keep posted here to stay up to date with that. I’m also open to suggestions and ideas. One fan asked if I could list all of Mack’s current pets on the website, and yes, I am going to do that! Maybe even in the next update!

That’s A Wrap, Until Next Time; That is really all the current news for now; Mackenzie Rosman did host an awesome Halloween party last week, so I shall be updating with photos and info from that event in the next update! Look forward to that! I’ll now leave you guys with the latest podcast for October 2014 Part 2, and the latest added photos from the back end of October.. they include Mack in her amazing Minion onesie, Mack’s cute dog Hank getting ready for Halloween and a nice view from a hike at the canyon in LA, that Mack took, enjoy..

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Wearing a Yellow Minion Onesie Outfit With Emily September 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Attends the 5th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic With Friend Alyssa at Will Rogers State Park, Pacific Palisades, LA on 11th October 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Attends the 5th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic With Friend Alyssa at Will Rogers State Park, Pacific Palisades, LA on 11th October 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack Hanging Out With Her Friend Michael in August 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Hanging Out With Good Friend Emily on 14th October 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Riding At A Jumping Show in August 2014.

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