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A Beautiful 7th Heaven Reunion Dinner; Something pretty amazing happened late last week; the original cast members of hit WB television show ‘7th Heaven‘ all got together at a restaurant in LA for a mini reunion dinner. Unfortunately Mackenzie Rosman could not make it to the dinner as she was already in NYC and couldn’t change her trip dates. Everybody else from the original cast was there however, including Catherine Hicks, Barry Watson, Stephen Collins, Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel and David Gallagher. Hopefully there will be another meet-up reunion soon where Mackenzie Rosman can attend, and also George Stults who played Kevin and the twins Zachary Brino and Nikolas Brino. It is understood that Beverley Mitchell organised the event dinner for everybody to catch up after what has been eight years since the show wrapped up production and the cast had all seen each other. Let’s just say; the reunion created an excitement on the internet since their dinner cast photo surfaced online and it’s fair to say, it still is! For what was every ‘7th Heaven‘ fans hope, this recent reunion had their dreams come true, even if it was just temporary. That moment happened and every ‘7th Heaven’ fan around the world enjoyed it. Fans still hang onto hope that there will one day soon be a reunion film or two-hour long episode special. Here is the now infamous cast reunion photo to prove it..

Of course if there is any updates on another reunion and Mack is attending, I’ll have the latest on that posted up here to let all the fans know. It is lovely to see that photo above and I am sure that all of the ‘7th Heaven‘ fans from around the world are reminiscing the good old Camden days and hoping with all the luck in the world, that the much-loved television show gets another reunion, either on or off-screen. That’s not all for the ‘7th Heaven‘ fans, I have another treat for you below..

Beverley Mitchell’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Nomination; You’ll all be most likely aware of the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that swept across the entire world over much of May, June, July and August of this year (2014). Well when it comes to the cast of ‘7th Heaven‘ the pledge to donate and help was no different. Cast member Beverley Mitchell was nominated to do the challenge and arose to it with ease. The idea of this challenge is that if you’re nominated by somebody to do it, you’re to do it and then nominate other people to also do it. Well after Beverley completed her challenge, her nominations came and our own Mackenzie Rosman was one of the nominees! The ALS ice bucket challenge has now raised more than 100 million dollars for the ALS disease which is known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is a motor neurone disease that makes it difficult to speak, swallow and breathe for those who suffer it. Stephen Collins was also one of Beverley’s nominees and he recently completed the challenge, I’ll post both his video and Beverley’s too, right here..

That’s A Wrap For This Post; I’ve included the new audio blog podcast feature of these new updates, just before the preview thumbnails. So with that you can listen to the post update as well as having read it above. That is all the current news for now, I hope this post has found its way to all of the hopeful ‘7th Heaven‘ fans out there. You never know what may happen one day, in regards to the show and a possible onscreen reunion of some sort. Never say never, I say. I feel like all the same fans of the hit show are still out there, fans of any of the television shows that The WB aired on it’s network really, and are all still enjoying entertainment on their television screens. But they do hang onto the hope that the quality of those aforementioned television shows, like ‘7th Heaven‘, make a massive comeback. And I say to those fans, don’t lose hope. That’s all the news for this update, I’ll be posting part two of September after the end of this week, and in that update you can look forward to Mack news and plenty of new photos. For now I’ll leave you with preview thumbnails to the latest added photos and the new feature audio blog podcast from this week…

EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mackenzie Rosman's Dogs Have A Moment From 'The Killing' On A Poor Unexpecting Teddy Bear in September 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: The '7th Heaven' Cast Reunite For A Reunion Dinner In LA On 18th September 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Throwback Photo 7th Heaven Season One Cast Promotional Photo From August 1996. Thanks To Beverley Mitchell For The Throwback Photo. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Throwback Photo Of Mack And Beverley On 7th Heaven August 1996. Thanks To Beverley Mitchell For The Photo. EXCLUSIVE SCREEN STILL: Throwback To The '7th Heaven' Days From The Episode 'Anything You Want' From Season Two. EXCLUSIVE SCREEN STILL: Throwback To The '7th Heaven' Days Of Mackenzie Rosman and Jessica Biel From The Episode 'Anything You Want' From Season Two.

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