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Mack Attends a New Horse Show; Mackenzie Rosman recently attended a show-jumping competition called The Oaks at San Juan Capistrano, CA. As you all know, Mack professionally jumps in competitions around Southern California and competes regularly. Mack actually grew up show-jumping and was constantly around horses, including other animals. Mack did very good in the recent rounds of competition and you can watch a video snippet of Mackenzie jumping on her new horse Pirate

Brand New Exclusive Candid Photos; I have a few exciting candid photos included in this update. One is a brand new candid that is rare and I’ve posted it up into the photo galleria. I’ve also left a preview thumbnail of the candid at the bottom of this post. The new exclusive candid photo is of a very young Mack on-set of television series 7th Heaven with her handler/trainer at the time, Dawn. They’re seen on-set with fellow guest appearing cast members including Camille Winbush, who played Lynn Hamilton. Ruthie Camden’s friend during her elementary school years on the show. The photo is actually from one of the very first episodes of the show that Mack did.

All Of Our Only Social Media Networks; I want to reiterate to the beloved Mackenzie Rosman fans which are the real social media accounts of Mackenzie’s and ours, on networks to follow. On such networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Due to the amount of fakes and impersonators on the internet, it is extremely important to direct the amazing fans to the correct profiles and accounts. Ok, for Facebook: its.. the Official Mackenzie Rosman Facebook. For Twitter: there is two accounts only; Mackenzie Rosman’s Official Twitter and Official MackRosman.Net’s Twitter. For Youtube: there is one account only and its Official Mackenzie Rosman Youtube Channel. For Instagram: there is two accounts only; the personal Official Mackenzie Rosman Instagram and then the career Official Mackenzie Rosman Instagram. And that is the only accounts that are real and truthfully Mackenzie Rosman’s, or associated with Mackenzie Rosman. Absolutely no others. It’s important that fans know which true accounts and profiles to follow, ‘like’ and catch up with Mack on.

Site News and Other Happenings Here; Now going onto the site news; I’m interested in coming up with new ideas for the site. This can include new sections, higher exclusive material in terms of images, videos, etc. I’m also contemplating the interviews. I’d love to hear what fans think about this, they can ‘comment‘ in the comment link at the top of this post. Speaking of interviews, the video interview did happen and Mack was able to record, however, Mack would like to make sure it’s perfected and needs more time to get it in the best possible condition that she’d like to release. So while I know all the fans have waited so long, it’s still happening and it will be very much worth the wait.

Wrapping Up Now; That is all the current news for this update post. Be sure to check the website tomorrow night as another update will be published (Part 2 of August), and also, ‘like’ the Facebook Page to get notifications of all the news including when the new update is posted. I’ll leave you now with the thumbnail previews to the latest added candids…

EXCLUSIVE: A 'BENEATH' Promo Still From The Film - Mackenzie Rosman As Deb Vorheese. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Young Mackenzie Rosman With On-Set Trainer Dawn From 1996. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mackenzie Rosman On-Set Of '7th Heaven' With Camille Winbush As Lynn Hamilton & On-Set Trainer Dawn In 1996. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mackenzie Rosman & Jessica Biel In Italy Hanging Out Before Beverley Mitchell's Wedding To Michael Cameron In October 2009. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mackenzie Rosman Attends Vestavia Hills High School & Honors Students For Their Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising Success In May 2009. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: A Young Mackenzie Rosman On-Set Of Film 'Gideon' With A Trainer In 1996.

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