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Mack Attends a Los Angeles Event; Towards the end of July, Mackenzie Rosman attended a special work event in Los Angeles for her boyfriend’s company. The night featured food, drinks and a huge turn-up of guests. The event was held in a very cool building of LA and had over 300 guests attend. Thats all the details I’ll go into since its more of a private event. Mack hasn’t really had any other events recently, although there is a show-jumping event Mack recently was involved in but I’ll mention more about that in the next update.

Brand New Candid Photos; A couple of fans have recently asked when new photos would be added up to the photo galleria. I’m adding up a few this week and also a few in this update… but I add up photos when they’re available to me. That won’t be all the time, just when Mackenzie attends an event or its an occasion where photo’s were taken. That includes not just event photos, or photo-shoots but also candid pictures. When it’s been a time where I haven’t posted any new ones for a while, it means there simply isn’t any new ones to be posted. Whenever there is ones, I mention it and I post them. At the moment there is not too many to post but what ones there is to post I am adding them up with this update and also some later this week in another update, be sure to check out for those. And getting onto news… I do my best to bring you the latest news and photos but at times there simply isn’t any news either, I hope that clears up everything. I’ll leave this post with preview thumbnails at the bottom.

All Of Our Only Social Media Networks; I want to reiterate to the beloved Mackenzie Rosman fans which are the real social media accounts of Mackenzie’s and ours, on networks to follow. On such networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Due to the amount of fakes and impersonators on the internet, it is extremely important to direct the amazing fans to the correct profiles and accounts. Ok, for Facebook: its.. the Official Mackenzie Rosman Facebook. For Twitter: there is two accounts only; Mackenzie Rosman’s Official Twitter and Official MackRosman.Net’s Twitter. For Youtube: there is one account only and its Official Mackenzie Rosman Youtube Channel. For Instagram: there is two accounts only; the personal Official Mackenzie Rosman Instagram and then the career Official Mackenzie Rosman Instagram. And that is the only accounts that are real and truthfully Mackenzie Rosman’s, or associated with Mackenzie Rosman. Absolutely no others. It’s important that fans know which true accounts and profiles to follow, ‘like’ and catch up with Mack on.

Site News and Other Happenings Here; I mentioned in the previous post that I am thinking of new ideas for the website, I wanted to know what fans would like to see here that isn’t already here. I actually asked fans to comment on the previous posted entry to let me know what ideas they had. I had wondered about an exclusive ‘members only’ area. That potential area could hold exclusive content, including new videos from Mack, new photos only released to members, competitions, prizes, autographs, etc. The potential is boundless. So to the fans; please let me know below in the comments what you’d personally like to see on here.

Wrapping Up Now; That is all the current news for this update post. Be sure to check the website in the middle of this upcoming week for the next site update and ‘like’ the Facebook to get notifications of all the news including when the new update is posted. I’ll leave you now with the thumbnail previews to the latest added candids…

EXCLUSIVE: Mack's dog Riley got a little bit hungry for some In N Out in August 2014. EXCLUSIVE: A Throwback Photo From Beverley Mitchell of Mack and Beverley on 7th Heaven August 1996. Thanks to Beverley Mitchell. EXCLUSIVE: 7th Heaven Season One Promotional Photo 1996-1997. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack and Boyfriend David Attend A Special Work Event in Los Angeles in July 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Throwback Photo 7th Heaven Season One Cast Promotional Photo From August 1996. Thanks To Beverley Mitchell For The Throwback Photo. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack, David & Steph At The 2013 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic In Will Rogers State Park, Pacific Palisades, CA On Saturday 5th October.

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