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Mack & Barn Friends Celebrate ‘Crockett’; Mack recently helped celebrate the life of a horse named ‘Crockett‘ that sadly had passed away. Crockett was stabled at the same barn where Mack visits and looks after her own horses. All of Macks friends at the barn and it’s staff decided to get together and toast to the fallen horse. It’s a beautiful gesture and we’re sure Crockett is in horsey heaven, looking down with a smile on what everybody did. RIP Crockett.

Brand New Candid Photos in the Galleria; there has been a number of new candids added into the website’s photo galleria. Candids from Mack’s various outings with friends over the last month and any candids taken by herself and posted on Instagram. We know how much fans love seeing new candid photos from their favourite actress, so we’re dedicated at bringing you all the latest. Be sure to check the photo galleria for recent event photos as well, since there was a large proportion added from a big event Mack recently attended. More on that event will be posted in the next site update.

Mack & Family Celebrates Donna’s Birthday; Mack, family and friends of mother Donna all got together in the beginning of May 2014 to celebrate Donna’s birthday! A candid from the birthday dinner night has been added up to the photo galleria and you can see it here. It’s good to see that they were all able to get together to celebrate the occasion, we hope Donna enjoyed her day and the wonderful birthday party dinner that Mack threw for her. Happy Birthday Donna!

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That’s a Wrap for this Update; that’s all the current news and updates for now, I will be posting again soon with another post update. Just to answer fans that are asking, Mack’s film that she did in 2012 titled Nightcomer was an independent film, that means it can take a lot longer to produce and edit than other movies. Therefore, it means that the post-production process tends to be a long haul and we hope to have more news on that subject soon, but at this stage the feature movie is still in the post-production phase and we will be the first to let you know whatever happens next. Until next time, enjoy the latest candid photos that are posted in the photo galleria, and here are the thumbnails for them…

EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Erin, Mack, Donna, Kathleen, Courtney, Farida, Hannah & Laura Celebrating The Life Of 'Crockett' At The Barn In LA On 6th May 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Shoemakers Enviro Tech - A Random Instagram Candid From Mack On 15th May 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Our Happy 24th Birthday Sign For Mack - December 2013. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack & Family Celebrated Mother Donna's Birthday On 9th May 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack Moves Stables Out Of Morro Bay On 27th April 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack's Is Reunited With Her Beautiful Dog Hank After Six Years On The Run On 3rd April 2014.

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