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Mack Attends a Dodgers Baseball Game; Mack recently enjoyed an awesome day at Dodger Stadium with David and her family, all attending a Dodgers baseball game in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, California. It looked like they had fun, we have a nice candid photo of Mack and David in their seats enjoying a beer and watching the baseball game. Mack can be seen wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers cap on her head, and wearing it very well too, Mack! Stylin’, Mack.

Mack Catches Up With Friends For Lunch; Mack recently caught up with her good friends along with her friend Pia, in April for lunch. They all enjoyed a delicious lunch and we have posted up an exclusive candid photo from the lunch date, fans can find it inside the photo galleria within the recently added photos. I’ll be adding more candid photos up into the galleria again soon, I know how much you guys love seeing what Mack has been up to lately, so I’ll be working on that during the next couple of weeks. As we’re approaching May now, I hope to have new candids and to be updating plenty of posts for the website. I will also strive to have more news on the video interview in the next couple of updates.

Mackenzie Rosman Autographs for the Fans; I’m taking all autograph requests and placing them into a prepared list, so there is an actual queue for them. I don’t always just have signed autographs on-hand and readily available, so they have to be prepared first. Printed, signed, packaged neatly, sent. But good news, Mack is going to be signing a bunch more very soon, she just needs to get a chance to do them for you all. Note: due to the level of requests and needing prints on-hand to be signed, it does take a while of time for them to be ready, first. Once ready, they’re sent out straight away to the fans. I would really appreciate some patience from the fans in this process. So please be patient, after all, we’re doing this for the fans out of our own kindness and as a thank you, really. For the admiration and support from you all. So I do hope you can all understand and I thank you for your patience on this. For fans that have already received an autograph and have decided to request another, please know that I’ll be sending out autographs to fans that have not ever gotten one yet before I start preparing to send extras out to you. I’m pretty sure you can understand that, thank you.

Mack & Our’s Official & Only Social Media Networks; Lately I have repeatedly mentioned in these updates about Mackenzie Rosman’s official Twitter and also about our official Twitter & Mack’s Facebook page. I am going to once again list the official and only accounts that fans should be following for Mackenzie Rosman and this site. For the news, the exclusive photos, updates, etc. Here they’re…

Twitter: Mack_Smackhere
Twitter: MackRosmanNethere
Facebook: MackRosmanNethere

That’s a Wrap for this Update; well folks, that is all the news for this update. I will be updating again over the next couple of weeks with more exclusive photos and news, be sure not to miss out on that coming soon. I’ll leave you guys with the latest added thumbnails from the photo galleria and be sure to look forward to more soon. Now here’s the latest candids…

EXCLUSIVE: Mack And David Enjoy A Dodgers Baseball Game In Los Angeles On 18th April 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack Reunited With Hank The Dog In March 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack And Friend Pia Catching Up In March 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack Prepares For A Yummy Breakfast On 27th April 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack Moves Stables Out Of Morro Bay On 27th April 2014. EXCLUSIVE: Mack's Is Reunited With Her Beautiful Dog Hank After Six Years On The Run On 3rd April 2014.

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