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‘Loreli’ From ‘The Tomb’; Mack’s first ever thriller movie that she’d starred in, was ‘The Tomb‘. A film directed by Michael Staininger and produced by Jeff Most and Chris Benson via Most Films. It also starred a cast that consisted of Wes Bentley, Eric Roberts, Kaitlin Doubleday, Michael Madsen, Christa Campbell and newcomer Sofya Skya. The film was shot during 2009, in various locations including the Ukraine and in the state of Missouri, US. Fans may remember that famous scene of Mack as ‘Loreli’ where she falls back and then comes back up again with bleeding eyes, that was pretty cool and a signature scene from the movie. The film was released on DVD and fans can still purchase the movie online at Amazon; here. During the shoot of the film; the cast sat down individually and spoke to the crew about their roles. We have the exclusive footage of Mack speaking about her role as Loreli, you can see that video below. I’ll be posting more videos from that interview in another update in 2014. Here is the first exclusive video

New Photos;
it’s been a while since we’ve had some candid photos posted up, so in this update I have added a couple of new ones to the photo galleria. The first one is of Mack being a bit distressed as her car ran out of petrol whilst crossing a busy LA intersection. The good news is that a driver behind her had managed to help her, and push her car across the rest of the intersection to a safe spot, whilst petrol was on it’s way! The others are of Mack opening her early birthday gifts, one of which includes a pepper spray concealed with bling. Another group of other various candids will be added up into the galleria over the coming days, so be sure not to miss out on those as they go up.

Mack’s Birthday; as fans would know, it is Mackenzie’s birthday on Saturday, 28th December 2013, Mack is turning 24 years old. We’re giving all fans the unique opportunity to write their very own personal birthday message to Mack via email, sending it to: js4u2@hotmail.com. The messages will be compiled together, printed out and placed into a booklet that will then be given to Mack personally. If you’re a huge fan and would like to be a part of her birthday message history, please email your personal birthday wish to Mack by sending it to the email address js4u2@hotmail.com, none will be missed out, all will be included into the booklet. Thank you! That’s all the news for this update, don’t miss out on checking out the brand new candid photos and definitely don’t miss out on emailing your personal birthday wish message to Mack! I’ll leave you now with the thumbnails to the latest added candid photo’s in the galleria…

EXCLUSIVE: Mack distressed inside her car after running out of petrol on a busy LA intersection in early December 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Mack opening early birthday gifts and finding a pepper sprayer that is concealed with bling in December 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack mucking around with an early birthday gift that is a pepper sprayer, which is concealed with bling in December 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack wearing her new hat after opening early birthday gifts in December 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack's own photo that she took of a smoggy looking Los Angeles city in December 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack with her beloved sister Katelyn in an article for a teen magazine after they both did the episode on '7th Heaven', episode 'Back In The Saddle Again' to help raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, in which Katelyn had suffered all of her life.

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