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Fans; groups and more groups of personally signed autographs have been sent out to fans, more autographs are currently being mailed out to requesting fans and Mack really appreciates your support, so thank you very much! We were inundated with requests and due to that, it’s been slower for some autographs to be sent out, but they’re all being posted out and each requesting fan will receive one. As of now, however, we’re not accepting anymore requests for autographs until after Christmas. Which is on the 25th of December, so after the 25th we’ll be accepting them again but until then, please do not email with any requests. Emails are also being sent out to the fans when their copy is mailed out, just to let them know when they can expect to receive it. I always knew that Mackenzie Rosman had fans from all around the world, but getting the requests from the fans for the autographs has really opened my eyes up to just how many fans there is for Mack, from around the entire globe. There is honestly so many! Thank you very much for the love and support. We’ll definitely be taking in more requests from fans after Christmas. Thank you for understanding.

Onto other news; Mackenzie recently went into a recording studio named Space 2813 Recording Studios. Mack was there to record her additional digital recording for her new thriller/horror indie film, titled: ‘Nightcomer‘. Basically, ‘ADR’ as it’s known, is where an actor/actress will go over their speaking lines in a film, and re-record them inside a sound-proof studio. This is done so there is no background noise or disrupting noise in the final product of the scenes. Pretty cool, huh?! We agree! I have an exclusive candid photo from the recording session with Mack and the staff of Space 2813 Recording Studios, it’s posted in the photo galleria, be sure to check it out! A lot of other new candids and old candids have both been added into the galleria. Great news; the photo galleria is getting a completely new look and will have a new design very shortly. Keep an eye out for that coming very soon.

In other fun news; the fan community message board will be getting a brand new design, too! That is coming within the next few weeks, don’t miss out on that. We’d like to rebuild the community there, at the message board, and we encourage fans to join up (as it is free), to converse with other fans via post threads. It can be for any fans that don’t have Facebook and don’t wish to use it for the Facebook page. If fans would like to follow all the news on Mackenzie Rosman, then be sure to visit the Official Facebook Page. That’s all the current news for now, I’ll be updating again soon with a new entry about ‘GHOST SHARK’s DVD situation, where you can purchase your copy and I’ll be including some more exclusive videos from the movie! I’ll now leave you with the most recently added candids to the galleria, including the one of Mack at the recording studio for her ‘Nightcomer‘ ADR…

EXCLUSIVE: Mack, Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell at a party for 7th Heaven in 1997. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman, Beverley Mitchell, David Gallagher & Stephen Collins At The 'Summer Catch' Premiere On 22nd August 2001. EXCLUSIVE: An Editorial Of Mackenzie Rosman As 'Deb Vorheese' In 'Beneath' In September 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman Doing Her 'Nightcomer' ADR With Space 2813 Recording Studio Staff On October 14th 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman With 7th Heaven Cast Members Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, Catherine Hicks, David Gallagher & Barry Watson At The 1st Annual Tv Guide Awards On 1st February 1999. EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Rosman As 'Deb Vorheese' In 'Beneath' August 2013.

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