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Yay, they’re here! I am excited to say that I have the awesome exclusive animated gif graphics from Mack’s ‘GHOST SHARK‘ movie! You can check them all out below here. They’re all from different selected scenes that featured Mack as her character Ava. I also have some mini video snippets from the film, be sure to check those out too. Enjoy! Mack and the rest of the cast from ‘GHOST SHARK‘ filmed right down in the Southern state of Louisiana, in none other than beautiful New Orleans. Fans should know that the feature film premiered last month in the 22nd of August 2013 schedule, on the horror sci-fi channel Sy Fy Network. The network was known to be re-airing the movie so if fans have missed out this far, be sure to check your local tv guides for the chance of it screening again. Australia was airing it on the Universal Channel, so if you have either Foxtel or Austar, check your guide for that channel incase it’s on again there, also. Now you can watch below for our first video snippet of Mack as ‘Ava‘ in ‘GHOST SHARK‘…

Fans; here is a few awesome animated gif graphics of ‘GHOST SHARK‘ that were made by a fan named Neil. They’re great! I’ll have more animated gifs in the next update too. I hope all the fans enjoy the video snippets and animations here, there will be plenty more added in the next coming updates as well. Both of ‘BENEATH‘ and of ‘GHOST SHARK‘. Here they’re…

Ghost Shark Ghost Shark Ghost Shark Ghost Shark

Just note; I’ll be adding another mini video snippet from ‘GHOST SHARK‘ in the next update. Be sure to keep a look out for that coming soon. I’ll also be doing the same video snippets for Mack’s other horror film ‘BENEATH‘, that will be in the next upcoming updates. Well fans, that’s all for now, I’ll leave you guys with the latest thumbnails to more of those amazing ‘GHOST SHARKscreen stills

EXCLUSIVE: Mack & the cast On Set filming for BENEATH in the Naugatuck State Forest of Connecticut on the 9th August 2012. EXCLUSIVE: Mack As 'Ava' In A 'GHOST SHARK' Film Screen Still 22nd August 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack As 'Ava' In A 'GHOST SHARK' Film Screen Still 22nd August 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack As 'Ava' In A 'GHOST SHARK' Film Screen Still 22nd August 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack As 'Ava' In A 'GHOST SHARK' Film Screen Still 22nd August 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack As 'Ava' In A 'GHOST SHARK' Film Screen Still 22nd August 2013.

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cheap accommodation Says:

Absolutely loved that film snippet! Mack does “angry” really well, doesn’t she? Kind of reminds me when she did angry scenes on 7th Heaven during her first years of puberty (rofl). She would get SO angry at whoever was brave enough to hang around her whenever she was in one of her moods back then. I must say though that she seems to be THE best actress that I saw in that snippet. The cop holding that hankerchief to his nose and pretending to look disgusted didn’t really carry it off all that well. As for the hand stuck to the piece of surfboard ….. well it looked really fake, even for the few seconds that we saw it. The guy who played the older cop and the young guy that the cops tried to arrest were pretty good though.

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