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It’s time! After what seemed a fairly long wait, Mack’s new sci-fi horror film titled GHOST SHARK is now out! Premiering on the very popular Sy Fy Network late last month 22nd August 2013, the movie has had a few repeated screenings on the channel. Be sure to check the Sy Fy schedule incase it happens to air again, you don’t want to miss out. In other news; it will be available on DVD sometime in the coming months, we’ll have more details about that in the next update! The lowdown; Mack played the lead role of Ava Reid in the movie, a lot of fans have already stated that Mack did a really fantastic job and carried her character extremely well throughout the film! We’re proud of you, Mack! Many fans can’t wait to see Mack in a new lead role again. The trailer for GHOST SHARK came out a few months ago but in any case, if fans haven’t seen it yet, here it is…

Onto the premiere; many of the film’s cast live-tweeted during the premiere on the Sy Fy network. The main cast consists of: Richard Moll as Finch, Mackenzie Rosman as Ava Reid, Sloane Coe as Cicely Reid, Lucky Johnson as Mayor Glen, Jaren Mitchell as Cameron Stahl, Tim Taylor as Deputy Hendricks, Shawn C. Phillips as Mick and Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis as Blaise Parker. The storyline of the movie centres around a group of teens who witness the beginning of a rampage, all from a fierce Great White shark! The authorities do not believe them at all, they actually think their nuts. They’re forced to figure it out on their own. They find help in the least likeliest person, Finch, a washed up drunken lighthouse keeper. How it all started?, a few rednecks who run chartered fishing tours from their town Smallport, came under attack from the Great White shark the week before and had no other options than to kill it. The karma began with it’s spirit coming back to haunt the small town for sweet revenge! I’ll have ALL the details and information on the DVD release very soon, so stay tuned. Online news network Zap2It interviewed Richard Moll and our very own Mackenzie Rosman, read below to find what Mack had to say about her time filming ‘GHOST SHARK‘ and what initially attracted her to star…

Rosman admits she was drawn to Ghost Shark because, “It was just kind of goofy and silly and hammy, and I thought it would be kind of fun. I like to do a lot of different things, so it’s not that I specifically love this sort of stuff. I just like variety.“, Mack then added how much time she actually spent working on the project, as it was filmed on-location down the South; “I spent close to a month in Louisiana making it. I’d never spent that much time there before, and everybody I worked with was really cool. It was definitely a different experience, though. At one point, I was running through a swamp that was knee-deep at 3 in the morning. And there were snakes and alligators everywhere. You literally had to run right through it. But it was fun.” Mack certainly remembers how scary it was. The topic with Zap2It quickly moved onto Mack’s earlier career projects, namely 7th Heaven, in which Mack started at a very early age. Zap2It mention… ‘It would be hard for Rosman not to have a brighter outlook on the 11 seasons she spent as minister’s daughter Ruthie Camden on the family drama 7th Heaven, and she does, “I’m always so surprised when people still say they love that show, and it seems like forever ago.” The series ended in 2007, the same year Rosman graduated from high school, and she’s somewhat surprised to be recognized for it still… “I was in the grocery store the other day, waiting for the bathroom and someone said ‘Hey!’, it’s so funny being known for something in which I was quite a bit younger, but I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t done that show.” Mack ponders for a moment where life would have taken her had she not debuted her long-time acting career on the hit WB show, “It really reinforces the thought of, ‘What if I had done one thing differently?’, nothing in my life would be the same if I hadn’t gone with my friends to that audition while I was in kindergarten. It’s weird, the turns life takes.“` I agree and I have to say that the fans are extremely happy that you (Mack), did attend that first audition years ago and have established your very own acting career! Well done!

Fans; I hope you’ve enjoyed the trailer, fans, and the insert from the interview. There will be plenty of information and details on the release of the DVD soon. A lot of fans have been asking when the movie will air again on the Sy Fy network but their schedule is actually arranged a couple months in advance, and due to the constant new productions streaming there, we have no official answer to when it might reappear on their network. I’ll be updating with a whole new post tomorrow, including news and photo’s of what Mack’s been up to recently. So stay tuned-in to the website for that! Now, I’ll leave you with the latest thumbnails from the exclusive screen stills of GHOST SHARK, enjoy…

EXCLUSIVE: A new screen still from Active Entertainments horror sci-fi film 'GHOST SHARK'. EXCLUSIVE: A new screen still from Active Entertainments horror sci-fi film 'GHOST SHARK'. EXCLUSIVE: A new screen still from Active Entertainments horror sci-fi film 'GHOST SHARK'. EXCLUSIVE: A new screen still from Active Entertainments horror sci-fi film 'GHOST SHARK'. EXCLUSIVE: A new screen still from Active Entertainments horror sci-fi film 'GHOST SHARK'. EXCLUSIVE: A new screen still from Active Entertainments horror sci-fi film 'GHOST SHARK'.

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Céline Says:

I love the stills , Mack and yet beautiful , it is a heroine in the film . I love 🙂 . Why he pass not in france ? !! :'(

website uptime Says:

Celine, I agree, I hope you can see the movie in France. It might air on a tv network, if not, you may be able to buy the DVD when it’s out.

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