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Happy 22nd Birthday Mack! December 2011 Mack will soon turn 22 years old! I, owner of Mackrosman.Net, would love to take this opportunity to wish Mack a very happy, fun, amazing 22nd birthday! And on behalf of all the Mack fans around the world, all the best wishes for 2012! We truly hope it’s a big year for you, Mack! Fans were able to send Mack personal birthday messages by either the fan mailing address or by posting on the website’s message board. In most recent news; Mack had a new headshot photo-shoot done a week ago with a LA based photographer. The photo’s turned out terrific & should be ready to be released sometime in early-mid January 2012. I can’t wait to post them up so all the fans can check them out! In other cool news; Mack wrapped up filming her scenes on ‘Blood Cure’ around late October/early November, so after the festive season is finished, editing and post-production work will be started on the film to complete the movie’s progress. Mack plays the lead role in the movie, portraying the character Rowena. The film is a horror/thriller and is scheduled for release sometime in the new year, 2012! That’s all the news for now, I hope all the Mack fans had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year too! Keep an eye out here by revisiting to see when the exclusive headshots are out & released from the brand new photo-shoot that Mack recently did. Also check out for updates on the new ‘Blood Cure’ film and what Mack got up to on her 22nd birthday to celebrate! For now, I’ll leave you with some new photo’s I added into the photo galleria, check these out…

Mack eating out with Sean & David for lunch in October 2011. Mack in a 7 eleven with David, shopping in September 2011. Mack with Becky while visiting for the renewed wedding vows of Mack's grandparents in 2010. Mack driving around with Sean & David in October 2011. Mack posing with mother Donna while at the rehearsal for her grandparents renewed wedding vows in 2010. Mack's 22nd birthday cupcakes made by friend Lena in December 2011 for Mack's birthday celebrations.

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