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Mackenzie Rosman: Site Timeline


12th December 2007
A new interview has been posted up into the media section, be sure to check it out. Many new photographs have also been added to the photo galleria. A couple of new top affiliates have been included into the section on the sites main area, as well. Including the new official site for Nikki Saletta and her brother Sam Saletta’s band, Jubala. Mack has been very busy lately working on new films, and gaining more roles. The latest film she has worked on is Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia and she plays the role of Loreli. Mack had to film scenes in different states including Missouri and Mississippi.

20th September 2007
The photo galleria has been renewed for another full-year! It’s great news as it means more photo’s will be added and updates will be continually made. Designs are also currently being made for each section of the site, particularly the top banners, so you have to look forward to that! In other good news, Mack’s long-time boyfriend Jano is coming back home! It was first announced that Jano is planning to come back this month, well it’s gotten even better, he’s already on his way! He is due to arrive on the 23rd September. Jano and Mack met in high school through mutual friends, and you can read about that in the interview posted in the press release section, which was posted last month.

10th September 2007
The Madagascar Section has been launched and is open! This section showcases a written editorial summary that was done by Mack herself, specifically for the section. It shares details of Mack’s time in the country, it informs you of what she got to do, the places she was able to visit, how the people there live and how it affected her. The summary was an idea I had and we went with it, we wanted to inform other people about Madagascar, the culture there, the people, how the rare-specied animals live and ofcourse of the environment. The beautiful country has many historic sights to see, including the exotic beaches of Morondova. And the Baobab trees really speak for themselves. Mack also explains that if she ever could, she’d love to go back there and visit it again. Including the new friends she made, the people and the animals.

12th August 2007
Mack’s been back from her holiday in Madagascar for a while now and in an interview for this site, Mack tells us what she plans on doing for the rest of her year-long break. She also tells us what is in store for her with the entertainment business side of things. The interview is posted on this site in the press release section, Mack also talks about her boyfriend Jano in the interview and informs us of how they first ever met. The interview is interesting and is great for any fan around the world to read, especially if they’d like to know what Mack is up to and will be planning for her future.

1st July 2007
It’s not long now until Mack flies off to Madagascar where she is to spend almost a month’s time seeing the historic sights and learning the culture. Mack is traveling there with a group of other people around her age that are from all over the US, they’re going to visit the island country to learn about the environment, the people and how they live. This site will report about it once Mack arrives, including updates with photo’s and information about her time there. While there, they will also meet rare specied animals such as the Chameleon and Lemur. Mack is due to come back around the 31st of July. We wish Mack and the rest of the touring group, a great holiday and a safe return. Have fun Mack!

30th May 2007
The Official Mack Mania Fansite has been RELAUNCHED with a whole new layout, including a new persona, new content and it’s all at a new address on the web! It was a long time since the site has been and viewable, fans and visitors were missing it. Including myself. I feel very proud and happy that the site is back up and running again. Make sure you surf around and check out every area, you might be finding new things. I also have updated the photo galleria, it now includes over 2900 photographs, including special and exclusives. Check those out! This is a new step for the site and I look forward to updating and running the site at this new place! Please edit and update your links.

15th November 2005
New domain, new site layout and new everything. It is really a big change for the entire site. A new location, a new theme and a new style. It remoulded the website to what it is now and renewed itself for the better. I am very proud and happy with the new changes as I know a lot of the Mack fans and visitors are as well. Mackenzie too would probably be happy with it. The site has had a long journey, every now and then, transforming into a new layout and design. It has had so much work done to it throughout its existence. Lots of time and effort has been put into this fan site on the web that is entirely held for the wonderful actress Mackenzie Rosman. I have a lot of favorite actresses but Mack is one I felt deserved an entire fan site dedicated to her in her honour.

I am sure not every actress deserves a fan site like this but we all know full well that someone like Mack definitely deserves this place. And her fans do too. So kick back, and enjoy the fan site, peruse the multiple active and updated sections and continue to visit to follow the footsteps through Mackenzie’s celebrity life.

15th November 2000
As an avid Ruthie Camden fan, I researched more about the character and didn’t find much. Or what I did find, I already knew. Then it hit me, to search for the actress who actually played Ruthie, so I found out her full name and researched for fansites based on her, at that time and with not much luck I only managed to find an old website that was no longer updated. Then it striked me, to make a site on the talented young actress myself. So that’s what I did and the rest is history.