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MackRosman.Net EXCLUSIVE Interview With Mack – 30th October 2011

Posted on 2nd November 2011 on MackRosman.Net

RCMRFan: What differences have you noticed as an actress in working; 1) as a regular cast member on tv, 2) as a guest star on tv, 3) in movies, 4) and now in music videos? Is it pretty much the same process, or are there differences in the work?

Mackenzie: Being a series regular on TV, you see the same people every day and have more of an opportunity to get to know your cast members and the crew. There’s about a hundred people on set all working together to make it happen. It’s much easier to get to know everyone and be comfortable if you see them more frequently. Gradually, the people you work with can become sort of an extended family. As a recurring guest star on Secret Life of the American Teenager, I only worked 2-3 days of 7 in an episode. However, I was extremely lucky in that the entire crew I worked with for years on 7th Heaven are all together working on Secret Life. It was so wonderful to see everyone again! I only have a small amount of experience with the music video process, most recently as “the girl” for Heartstops song, ‘Just Like Goodbye’. There was probably only about 25 people on the crew but it was so much fun! It’s totally different in that you have to convey all emotion without words & I loved the challenge.

Lucie & RCMRFan: What do you do in your spare time, or what do you do for fun? I read on the mackrosman.net website that you recently went to Africa again, how was it this time, what did you do and where did you go exactly?

Mackenzie: I like to ride my horse at least 3 times a week. I live an hour away from my horse (sometimes longer because of the LA traffic), so unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to get out as often as I’d like to ride him. If I can’t make it out to Malibu to ride, my horse trainer will ride him for me so he stays fit and happy. I used to have my horses in my backyard, which was bliss! Someday, I hope to be able to have a ranch or farm of my own where I can be surrounded by critters big and small. I also read a lot, and I love going on wikipedia quests where I ferociously research a random topic, sometimes for hours. It’s something a lot of people are surprised to learn about me!

I turned 21 last year, but I’m still kind of a home body. I probably go clubbing less often than the average 21 year old in LA. I love dancing, though, so it’s a catch 22. I dance around the house pretty much all day, doing everything from dishes to laundry. I love hosting, so I prefer to have small gathering of friends at my house just to hang out or for dinner.

This year has probably been my busiest year as far as traveling. I’ve been able to see some truly beautiful places! I went with a friend to Africa and it was amazing! It was all on horseback, since that’s my favorite way to get around, I couldn’t dream of any other way I’d rather go on a safari! We saw tons of elephants, giraffes, and zebras. We went swimming through the delta on the horses, which was a wholly unique experience altogether. We also went galloping with herds of zebra, and at one point we chased a huge buffalo stampede through the water, getting soaked in the process. It was a blast! There was water everywhere, apparently the Okavango Delta had more water at that time of year (August) than in something like 60 years. So because of this, the animals were more dispersed and in smaller herds than they normally would be. It was 10 days of adrenaline combined with supreme relaxation, as our tents were right along the waters edge and you could sit there for hours just watching the little monkeys playing and listening to the creatures surrounding you. There was an elephant who had declared the camp and it’s surrounding area his territory. He would make appearances throughout the week. One evening as I was showering, I looked out the mesh window and saw nothing but a wall of grey leather. Henry, as the bull was called was eating right outside my tent, and then as I peered through the window, his giant brown eye came into view. I was buck naked, standing less than 5 feet from a cantankerous male elephant. Awesome! I definitely want to go back to Africa again! And soon!

I also recently got back from a trip to visit my family in South Carolina and went to see Charleston for the first time since I was a baby. I had no idea what a beautiful city it is!

RCMRFan: What has been your favorite acting project since leaving 7th Heaven? Is there one movie/project/role you are most proud of?

Mackenzie: The movie I’m working on right now is probably my favorite since 7th Heaven. My character has much more to do in this one than the other films I’ve worked on. And since I’m an associate producer on it, I’ve been much more involved in the process of filmmaking than before. The director and producer have been great about pushing me as an actor while teaching me the nuts and bolts of getting a picture made. It’s been an opportunity to stretch my creativity, and discover something new I might like to continue to do.

Renee: Is there a way your fans could get an autographed poster or head shot of you?

To get an autographed headshot from me, fan’s can send a request to:

Mackenzie Rosman
6253 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90028

RCMRFan: What other charity projects or organizations do you support, and what is your involvement with them?

Mackenzie:At the moment I am sponsoring a child through Childrens International (www.children.org). It’s a wonderful organization that provides food and other necessities to underprivileged children and their families.

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Starry Constellation Magazine’s Interview With Mack
29th June 2011
Posted on 3rd July 2011 on starrymag.com

Starry Mag: What are some of the recent projects that you’ve been working on?

Mackenzie: I was doing “Secret Life of the American Teenager” for a little bit and I played a character named Zoe on there and I am about to start shooting another movie.

Starry Mag: What can you tell us about the premise for the film Fading of the Cries and about your character?

Mackenzie: Fading of the Cries is about a family and they move into this house in this neighborhood. The house is haunted by these evil spirits that were there in the past and the previous owner of the house had been dabbling in sorcery. His character is like a necromancer so he comes back to pretty much turn everyone into zombies. My character and my character’s my older sister Sarah are basically trying to figure out what’s going on and why these bad things are happening. Sarah meets the guy who comes through this other realm into this world and serves as a protector to ward off the evil spirits and help them to return.

Starry Mag: What made you want to be a part of this film?

Mackenzie: I thought it was a neat idea and I hadn’t done anything in the realm of that genre. There was a green screen and it was just really fun for me to do something so completely different and new. It seemed like a really good group of people behind it who were really passionate about it. The director was really hands on and it seemed like it would be a really great experience.

Starry Mag: Where did you draw from for your portrayal of Jill?

Mackenzie: Nothing in particular that I could relate to to draw from, I just put myself in the situation and think about how I would feel. My mother gets killed in the movie and so I could imagine what that would be like.

Starry Mag: Is there anything about your role that you found challenging?

Mackenzie: When you’re actually on a set you have everything there. With the green screen you have to imagine everything. In the movie you’re running down the street and there are hundreds of foaming at the mouth zombies chasing you, and in reality, you’re just running down the street screaming and there is nothing chasing you and people are staring at you with their eyebrows raised wondering what you’re doing.

Starry Mag: Did the chemistry with the cast come naturally or did it take some time to develop?

Mackenzie: Everybody was just really nice. We had a table read before at Brian the director’s house and it was just a nice get together and we all got to talk and get to know each other. It was really nice and everyone was super sweet.

Starry Mag: How was working with director Brian A. Metcalf?

Mackenzie: It was fun, it was really cool, I mean he has a very different background then any other director that I’ve worked with even on “7th Heaven.” He’s experienced with special effects and he had a very concrete and distinct vision of what was going to happen so that was very helpful. He knew exactly what everything was going to look like because he was going to be doing it himself. He was very supportive.

Starry Mag: Why do you think viewers will want to take the time to check out the film?

Mackenzie: Because it’s a cool movie and the special effects are really neat. It’s a nice story about a family trying to come closer together and to survive.

Starry Mag: How has your life evolved since being on the show “7th Heaven”?

Mackenzie: When I left “7th Heaven” I turned eighteen shortly thereafter and I experienced changes that everyone goes through during that time in their life. It’s been nice and I am just kind of figuring out my own path in the world. Fortunately because of “7th Heaven” I am able to do what I love and take my time and figure out what it is that I want.

Starry Mag: Are you planning on joining the social networking site Twitter?

Mackenzie: I am thinking about making a Twitter. There have been a lot of fake Twitter accounts made of me and it’s getting to the point where I am thinking of just making one. The problem really is, generally speaking, I am not that into the Internet.

Starry Mag: What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

Mackenzie: I would just like to say thank you so much, I owe everything to them, my whole life and the life that I’d like to live in the future. Thank you and I hope that you would continue to support me down the road because I love my fans.


MackRosman.Net’s Official Exclusive Interview With Mack
23rd December 2009
Posted 26th December 2009 on MackRosman.Net

MackRosman.Net: You’ll be turning 20 in December this year, how have you spent your last year as a teen? And where do you see yourself in another four years time?

Mackenzie: I’ve spent this past year enjoying my life with friends and family, staying fit by eating healthy, working with a trainer, and horseback riding (still one of my favorite things to do!). In four years, I will still be acting in film and TV. I can’t see myself doing anything else! I’d also like to get involved in more charitable organizations.

MackRosman.Net: A lot of your fans are very excited about your latest feature project ‘Fading of the Cries’, what interested you in being apart of that film?

Mackenzie: Fading of the Cries was different from a lot of the scripts that I read because it combined fantasy, horror, and action. It was a challenge to shoot because of the special effects and different locations but I had a lot of fun. Brian Metcalf was very patient as a director and the rest of the cast & crew were awesome too. I hope that my fans will enjoying seeing me in something different. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise 🙂

MackRosman.Net: With MackRosman.Net, what is your favorite thing about the website?

Mackenzie: I love everything about the site! Especially all the photos and updates. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into it and to my fans for being loyal since my 7th Heaven days. I hope that you’ll all continue to support me in 2010. It’s going to be an exciting year!

Official Exclusive Interview 23rd December 2009
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Mack’s Fan’s Questions & Answers With Mack Mania – 19th March 2008
Posted 19th March 2008 on Official Mack Mania Fansite

From TeenMother:
1. So many people have thought about coming to New Zealand to work on a film or to study/work. Would you ever consider it if you were offered a part over here (eg. a peter Jackson film such as the film based on the book Lovely Bones)?

Mackenzie: Of course! I love to travel and I want to travel for the rest of my life. I’m hoping that acting in movies will bring me to new places. New Zealand would be an exciting place to film. P.S., Lovely Bones was a good book!

From Safiya19:
2. How do you handle the bad thigs you hear about yourself?

Mackenzie: I can’t let it get to me. A lot of people think they know a lot about me but they really don’t. Nobody even knows the beginning of what my life is about, so things that people say about me are assumptions that they make. They really don’t know the background behind things I do or how I act. I mean, someone can read something about me or look at a picture of me and get the wrong impression becaues they don’t know the information behind it, or what really happened, so the assumptions people make are really just that: assumptions. I keep that in mind and it helps a lot.

From MysticalLucie:
3. Could you give us a short list of some of your current favourite things that haven’t already been mentioned anywhere else — such as your favourite perfume, the colours you like to wear the most, the colours you like in your decor, your favourite clothing line or store that you like to shop at, or other favourites along those lines.

Mackenzie: Favorite perfumes: Calvin Klein’s In 2U, Britney Spears’s Fantasy, and Adidas for Women are my three favorites. Colors I wear the most: Mostly shades like black, gray and white. I also wear blue quite often and occasionally pink! But mostly shades. Colors in my decor: Nothing really specific. I don’t think there’s anything that I prefer over anything else. Favorite Clothing Line: I like Abercrombie, American Eagle and Hollister. Also Express. Those would be my four main places.

From MackRocks47:
4. What advice would give to anybody who wants to become an actress like yourself?

Mackenzie: Never quit. You can’t wait for yourself to happen, you have to go out there and make it happen. If you truly believe in something you can make it happen. Get a good agent. They cost money, but that’s your first step. Your first film oppurtunities will most likely not be big, but that’s how you’re discovered by others. Eventually a director or a casting director will see you in a minor film/commercial/broadway, etc. and you’ll get your big break. Always be polite and professional. There are often many, many other people auditioning for the same part as you. If you’re not polite or professional they won’t even waste their time with you.

From SweetPeaches: 5. How would you get to the set of 7th heaven everyday to film your scenes and did you guys film the pilot at the real house, was it as big as it seems on tv?

Mackenzie: My mom would drive me usually every day. The set of 7th Heaven was a set that they would set up and take down depending on the room.

From Bree:
6. What is one thing you cannot live without?

Mackenzie: My friends! I can’t live without my friends, they help me through everything. I can talk to them about anything and party and hang out with them too. They’re all just amazing.

From Bree:
7. Who’s influenced your life the most? Who’s your role model?

Mackenzie: This is a good question. I really look up to anyone who’s worth learning from. If they’ve made a good impression and they’re someone that you can learn good things from, I’d say they’re my role model. There’s no one really specific.

From Bree:
8. How would you describe your fashion style?

Mackenzie: Lol, preppy sort of? I haven’t really thought about it. I wear mostly Abercrombie, Hollister and American Eagle, so whatever you’d describe that style as.

From MysticalLucie:
9. Regarding the movie role where you played the part Jon-Bennet Ramsey, did they die your hair blonde or did you wear wigs instead? You were probably very young when you played that role, but do you remember any other details about the filming of this movie which stand out in your memory, such as where it was filmed, anything interesting that occurred during filming, etc.?

Mackenzie: No it was a wig, I wouldn’t let them dye my hair. It was filmed in the US.

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Mack’s 3rd Exclusive Interview With Mack Mania – 28th January 2008
Posted 28th January 2008 on Official Mack Mania Fansite

MackRosman.Net: Hi Mack! Welcome back from Peru!

MackRosman.Net: How was your time in Peru? And what did Jano & you do there?

Mackenzie: Peru was amazing! We mostly spent time with Jano’s friends and family, and it was cool to see a different culture. All of his friends are so great! We also went on this hike to Machu Picchu which is incredible! You should google it and look at some of the pictures.

MackRosman.Net: Are you excited about the new film, Ligeia? What kind of role do you play? Has filming finished?

Mackenzie: Yes, of course I’m excited for Ligeia! It’s very interesting because it’s more of a strange, horror movie whereas 7th Heaven, I was playing a role of a regular teenager. Yes, filming is finished, however the movie still won’t be out for a while.

MackRosman.Net: How was your Christmas & your birthday? What did you get?

Mackenzie: Christmas and my birthday were fun! I’ve got a car, which is awesome! I got a bunch of jewellery, a digital photo frame, pictures, DVD’s, clothes, gift cards, typical stuff.

MackRosman.Net How did Jano & you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Peru?

Mackenzie: We went out with a bunch of his friends for dinner and such and then we spent time with them at someone’s house. It was fun!

MackRosman.Net Have you heard from NYU? Whats happening with that?

Mackenzie: Yeah! I got into NYU yet I’m not completely sure if I want to go there next fall or not. I’ll probably end up taking the rest of the year off, however I’m not sure yet. I’ll most likely definitely be going to school in the fall.

MackRosman.Net Tell us what you do as an ambassador for Child Help foundation?

Mackenzie: I give speeches, donate, influence people that these children need help. I’ve seen my sister Katelyn go through her sickness of Cystic Fibrosis and it just makes me want to be able to help everybody. I attend many public speakings and talk about Katelyn and our person experiences and what people can do to help.

MackRosman.Net Now that you’re 18yrs old, are you getting your driver’s license or a car?

Mackenzie: Yes! I have my license, and a car! It’s so exciting.

MackRosman.Net You were chosen by Teen People as one of the Top 20 teens to change the world, how does that make you feel?

Mackenzie: Incredible! It’s really a huge honor. It makes me feel like I am doing something to help in this world, and really, anybody can do something to help.

MackRosman.Net What appeals to you most about New York?

Mackenzie: It’s so exciting. Everything happens in New York and you can never get bored of it. I love the city life, and it’s one of my favorite cities. There’s so much to do!

MackRosman.Net: What do you see yourself doing in 2008? Any new films?

Mackenzie: Definitely. I took a year off school to do more films, and that’s what I want to do. Hopefully you’ll be seeing me in some huge production that is number one in the box offices!

MackRosman.Net Thank you Mack! Good luck with the future plans!

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Mack’s 2nd Exclusive Interview With Mack Mania – 23rd November 2007
Posted 23rd November 2007 on Official Mack Mania Fansite

MackRosman.Net: You auditioned for a new role and got the part. And despite the current problems, if the movie ‘Word of Mouth’ goes ahead, when are you all meant to start filming it?

Mackenzie: It’s supposed to start filming in January of 2008, but with the writers strike and everything, we’ll see!

MackRosman.Net: If you get into NYU, have you thought about what you’d like to major in? What choices would you choose from?

Mackenzie: Well one of the main reasons why I applied to NYU, is because New York is the one full of theater arts, and since I’m an actress I thought it would be cool to go there. I love New York! NYC is also such a good school for everything else, so there’s always things to fall back on.

MackRosman.Net Katelyn is going to attend Vidal Sassoon in January 2008, what sort of school is that and what is she studying to become?

Mackenzie: Vidal Sassoon is a type of beauty school, sort of. Sassoon Salon is actually a hair salon, and from that they built off of it. They have a school to go to, which Katelyn is attending. She’s going for cosmetology. Earlier in the year she took a job up in a salon and loved it, so she wants to continue that.

MackRosman.Net: How long have you owned Mentos now? What sort of horse is he?

Mackenzie: I’ve had mentos for a long time! Let’s see, about ten years maybe? He’s a Morro bay horse!

MackRosman.Net: If acting helps you travel, what places would you want to go to?

Mackenzie: Anywhere! Europe would be cool, as well as places like Australia!

MackRosman.Net: What is your favorite AC/DC song and album?

Mackenzie: I like Highway to Hell, but i’m not sure if its my favorite song. I also like the albums Back In Black and Highway to Hell!

MackRosman.Net: How many animals do you have now as pets? What are they and whats their names?

Mackenzie: Well I live on a ranch so I have a bunch of pets! Lol, I need to go count them again. I can’t go through all of their names, that would take forever and I’d leave a bunch out. But let’s see, I have my dogs; Molly, Space, Zac, Cleo, Gizmo, Oliver, my rat; Sweetie, my horses; Mentos, Harmony, Zena, Easy Mocha, Sugar, Baby, Fantasia, and then there’s also my sister’s horses (wow I’m getting confused already!), I have a bunch of chickens, a called Chance, a bunch of goats, some fish, a pig, oh and another cat named Eddie, uhhh. Haha I’m looking around my house for my pets as I type this.

MackRosman.Net: The 7th Heaven set was a make-shift set, how long would it take to put together a room for the house?

Mackenzie: It didn’t take that long because everything was always ready to go. Maybe about.. I dunno, 15 minutes, give or take depending on the room? While the set was being changed the rest of the actors and actresses and I would just chat and hang out, occasionally practicing lines and such.

MackRosman.Net: Are you still auditioning for other roles despite getting the part of Jill?

Mackenzie: Well I’m not sure if you know this, but recently I was in a movie called ‘Proud American’ and it was filmed in San Diego. I was down there for a few days and played a ‘mean girl’ in it called Bree. It was definitely fun to play a mean part because Ruthie isn’t necessarily mean. It was certainly a change.

MackRosman.Net What has Jano been up to now that he is back from Argentina?

Mackenzie: Having fun, haha. He plays soccer on sundays and he works. He’s currently thinking about going to COC, which is College of the Canyons, its a school in Santa Clarita. He wants to go and play soccer there, or get a scholarship somewhere else.

MackRosman.Net If you were stuck on a deserted island, what five things would you like to have with you?

Mackenzie: Lol, good question. Well I’d like a friend. So let’s say Jano. I’d bring Mentos so I could gallop away from any intruders. My cell phone so I could contact people. My laptop to listen to music and get in contact with people in case my cell phone fails. And a motor boat so Jano and I can go for a boat ride while we’re waiting for people to save us. Or we could just leave ourselves.

MackRosman.Net: It’s almost Christmas time for 2007, got any plans? What will you be doing for it?

Mackenzie: Currently, nothing! Hopefully I’ll be able to go somewhere, though. We’ll see.

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Mack’s Exclusive Interview With Mack Mania – 12th August 2007
Posted 21st August 2007 on Official Mack Mania Fansite

MackRosman.Net: Hello Mack! Welcome back from Madagascar! It’s nice of you to chat, the fans have a lot of questions for you!

MackRosman.Net: All fans want to know, now that 7th Heaven has finished, what do you plan to do for the next few years?

Mackenzie: Well 7th Heaven finished around the same time I graduated from high school. So far I’m planning on taking a year off from school to travel to different places. I recently got back from my trip to Madagascar and that was incredible! I was thinking of going to visit my boyfriend in Argentina soon but I’ve decided not to go now. I would love to go to Europe. I also want to be in some movies and get into a different character. I played Ruthie for so long, and it’s definitely time for a new character. If I am in a movie, hopefully I’ll be able to travel with it, too. Then, next year (fall of 2008) I want to go to college.

MackRosman.Net: How did you spend your time in Madagascar and what was it like? Who did you go with?

Mackenzie: In Madagascar we did a lot! We learned about the environment and spent a ton of time learning the culture and meeting the kids of Madagascar. It was very different — we were staying in little hut like houses that you can see in some pictures and animals would just walk by all the time! We had to take Malaria pills because Malaria has really affected Madagascar. I went with a group of kids from all over the US who I had never met before. Some of us had talked to each other a couple times before through Facebook and Myspace, but other than that I didn’t know any of them. It was really fun meeting new people and we’re all really good friends now and I know we’ll keep in touch throughout the years!

MackRosman.Net: You’re dating Jano, where did you guy’s meet and how long have you known each other? What soccer team does he play for?

Mackenzie: Jano and I met in school. We have the same group of friends and we’ve all known each other for a while. He’s currently in Argentina playing for a soccer team which is the amateur team for a pro team in Argentina so that’s pretty exciting!

MackRosman.Net: If you decide to go to college, what do you think you’ll major in? Got any interests?

Mackenzie: Well if I go to college I’m not exactly sure what I’d major in. I’m into ceramics, I think that’s pretty cool, but it’s not something I’d want to spend my life doing. I basically want to live my life as of now. I love to travel and to learn anything that I can, which is why I went to Madagascar. I really want to do anything that’s worth doing. I want to go to college in the fall of 2008, but right now I want to take a break and focus on other things.

MackRosman.Net: If you had the power to change anything about Ruthie in 7th Heaven, what would it be?

Mackenzie: Hmm this is kind of a tough question I had to think about it for a while and I’ll try my best to answer the question! I think a problem a lot of teenagers have is their decision making skills. As you get older you have to make so many decisions that can affect you, especially when it comes to dealing with your love/personal life. I think Ruthie made a lot of mistakes that she wouldn’t have had to make if she just thought through things a little more. Often there were times where her parents asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this or that and she’d say yes. Then it came and stabbed her in the back. I guess you have to learn from your mistakes, but mistakes can also be avoided if you slow down and think about it a little more.

MackRosman.Net: What is your favorite season and episode of 7th Heaven ever and why?

Mackenzie: I definitely liked the 10th season because it was kind of a closing season for the show. A lot went on with Ruthie and the whole family and it was good to have everybody back on the set. There are a ton of episodes that I liked for many different reasons. One of them was the one about Darfur episode. When I first got the script, I had heard very little about the situation. I’m the type of person that likes to help out organizations and people and animals that are in need of help. I liked learning about what was happening in Darfur and how we could help out. It also brought attention to viewers around my age, younger, and older about the situation in Darfur. I’m glad 7th Heaven was able to make others aware of what was happening.

MackRosman.Net: And finally, a lot of fans would like to know that although you’re taking a year long break from everything, could you see yourself ever in film or on television again in the future? Even if it was commercials?

Mackenzie: Yes! I definitely want to continue acting on-screen! I love acting and I’ve been doing it for so long. Although I loved 7th Heaven, I definitely need a change. I had been playing the same character for so long! I want to audition for some big screen roles and hopefully that will involve some traveling at the same time.

MackRosman.Net: Thank you for the interview, everyone hopes you had a fantastic time in Madagascar! Until next time, take care and enjoy your break!

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PBS Kids Interview

You know her as Ruthie Camden, the precocious little sister on The WB’s “7th Heaven.” Mackenzie Rosman took time out from her busy shooting schedule to chat with IML about playing a little sister, preparing for her teen years, and the eight special friends who live in her backyard…

IML: Hi, Mackenzie!

Mackenzie: Hi!

IML: Wow, “7th Heaven” is already in its seventh season! How do you think the show has changed since it first started airing?

Mackenzie: Well, at first, there weren’t as many children and it seemed like all the kids were perfect. They did everything right and they were all younger. Then it changed because the issues the children face are changing as they get older. Like some of the older kids are getting married and moving away.

IML: How do you think your character, Ruthie, has changed?

Mackenzie: She’s changed a lot. She’s gone from being the youngest kid in the family — the little girl who everybody thinks is so cute and stuff — to not-the-youngest-kid in the family because she now has baby twin brothers. Now Ruthie is more grown-up and dealing with more adult issues.

IML: The show has gotten really popular and it seems to appeal to both kids and adults. Why do you think that is?

Mackenzie: People can really relate to what the characters are facing. People watch it and think, “Gosh, I thought that only happens to me! How did they know that?”

IML: You’ve got six brothers and sisters on TV. How many do you have in real life?

Mackenzie: I have an older sister named Katelyn, who is 15, and a younger brother named Chandler. He’s 10.

IML: Do you guys ever get in fights?

Mackenzie: Me and Caitlin get along pretty well, but Chandler and I fight quite a bit.

IML: How do you and Chandler resolve things?

Mackenzie: By not talking to each other for the rest of the day! (laughs)

IML: Really? You don’t talk things out?

Mackenzie: No, we do, eventually.

IML: Do you think it’s hard for your brother and sister, with you being an actress? Is it tough for them that you’re in the spotlight and they’re not?

Mackenzie: No, they don’t mind at all. I mean, my brother, he’s done television stuff, but he just didn’t like doing it as much as I do. Caitlin’s just not interested in it.

IML: Do you ever wish you had a bigger family like the Camdens?

Mackenzie: Actually, I like having a smaller family. I think the more people you have in the family, the more people there are to have problems with.

IML: We hear your 13th birthday is coming up. Are you excited?

Mackenzie: I am!

IML: Do you think things will change now that you’ll be a teenager?

Mackenzie: I don’t really know if anything’s going to change. It’s more of an idea than anything else. You know, “I’m a teenager now!”

IML: What do you think will be hardest about being a teen?

Mackenzie: You’re a little kid, but then you’re not an adult, so you’re in the middle. That’s kind of difficult.

IML: Do you do any volunteer work?

Mackenzie: I’m involved with a charity called Carousel Ranch. They help disabled people by getting them involved in horseback riding.

IML: So, you’re into horseback riding?

Mackenzie: Oh, yeah! I’ve been riding for four or five years. I do hunter/jumpers. That’s the name of the type of riding I do.

IML: How often to you ride?

Mackenzie: Well, I have eight horses in my backyard. I ride all the time. It’s just been so hot lately that I haven’t really been able to ride that much, just a couple of times a week. Usually when it’s not so hot, I like to ride at least four times a week.

IML: That’s amazing that you’ve got horses right outside your house! Is there one particular horse that’s your favorite?

Mackenzie: Yes, there is. Her name is Xena.

IML: Do you think it is important for kids to find something that they’re passionate about?

Mackenzie: It’s really important to find something you really enjoy – something you can focus on and be good at.

IML: What’s your advice to someone who’s still figuring out what they’re good at?

Mackenzie: Try out a bunch of different things. Take a lesson or two in everything and see what you like the most.

IML: Great advice! Thanks so much for chatting with us, and good luck with the show this year.

Mackenzie: Thank you!

Source for PBS Kids Interview Transcript