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Mackenzie Rosman recently celebrated July 4th weekend with friends at a pool party, you can check out photo’s from the celebration of Independence Day on the website’s photo gallery. In site news, there has been a number of updates made at the website, including changes to the style of the layout. A banner header has been added to the top as you will see, and the chatboard is refreshed, there is also a new subscribe button on the left sidebar underneath the ‘Current Projects’ area and there you can subscribe to this website and get updated whenever there is an update. I figured this was an easier way for visitors to keep up-to-date with everything happening instead of searching the website for news, photos, etc. The main page was also recently updated with a new entry about news, new photos that were added to the site’s photo gallery and some news about ideas of what I have planned for the website in the near future. I hope you enjoy coming to the website and keeping up-to-date with what Mackenzie Rosman is up to and seeing the latest photos.

Mack recently attended a breast cancer awareness event called ‘Pathway To The Cure: Benefiting Susan G. Komen’s Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. Mack stunned in a beautiful grey dress with matching long earrings and sparkled complete with grey pump heels.. Mack looked absolutely stunning. Plenty of photos from the event with Mack on the red carpet, have been added into the photo galleria. Be sure to check the photos out on the gallery and on the official Facebook page that you can find linked here. Enjoy! In other news; the official Facebook page has now over 4,000 ‘likes’ and fans, thank you for the continued love and support. We’re hoping it expands beyond further. On the Twitter, there is almost 2,000, our goal is 2,000 and then beyond as well. I am on a continued cycle of updating the website twice a month with part 1 and part 2 of each month. be on the look out for that! That’s all the news for now, there has been rumours swirling around that Mack has got a new movie project that she is working on, so far there is not confirmed but just buzz from fans, lets hope we have something to confirm to you guys soon!

For starters, gosh it’s been a long time since these news entries were updated. That is going to change. I have April 2014’s news now… Mack and David recently enjoyed a baseball game at Dodger Stadium with Mack’s family. They drank beer and watched on as the LA Dodgers played. Mack wore a Brooklyn Dodger hat and there is a photo of them enjoying the game in the galleria. In other news; Mack caught up for lunch with her good friend Pia and candid photos of that have also been added into the photo galleria. Onto the autographs; we are still taking in more requests from fans but we are on a major shortage at the moment and we’re waiting on more to be printed, signed by Mack and then we’ll be distributing more out to fans once we have them on-hand. Updates on that will be continually made as the progression of this happens. Keep checking the website to stay up-to-date on everything, including anymore candid photos that will be added to the galleria. I should also have some more news on the video interview over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Mack sat down during this week and personally signed all the autographs for the winner’s of the fan competition that was held in September. The autographs will be sent out soon within the coming weeks. In an update on the video interview, that is being filmed this week and next week, it will also be posted within the coming weeks. I hope fans look forward to this amazing event at the website! It’s been a long time since fans got to see Mack in an interview, and better yet, a video one. So to all the die-hard Mackenzie Rosman fans out there that are reading this, keep your eyes peeled very closely to the site for any updates/postings to be made very soon! πŸ™‚

NEW MACK TWITTER, LA CLIPPERS GAME – Tuesday 13th November 2012
Mack recently created a BRAND NEW OFFICIAL TWITTER and it is here: http://twitter.com/Mack_Smack. Follow her today! It is REALLY HERS and is the ONLY OFFICIAL REAL TWITTER fans! All the other accounts are fake. Her old one has problems with it’s login. In other news, Mack and her boyfriend David attended a local basketball game recently at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, they saw the Atlanta Hawks play against the Los Angeles Clippers, the Clippers won! Yay! Mack and David also recently attended a Halloween party at the San Juan Hills Golf Club, it was held by the barn staff from where Mack houses her horses. That party was on the 30th of October 2012. In other news, more candid photos have been added into the photo galleria, including one candid from the LA Clippers game.

NEW FILM ‘GHOST SHARK’ WRAPS FILMING – Sunday 7th October 2012
Mack just recently wrapped filming for her brand new movie ‘Ghost Shark’, filming happened in locations in Louisiana, US. In Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mandeville and Kenner. Mack plays the lead role of ‘Ava’ in the film, and it’s her 5th consecutive horror/thriller project that she has worked on. The movie also stars Richard Moll, Lucky Johnson and Tim Taylor. ‘Ghost Shark’ will premiere on the Sy Fy Channel Network around July 2013. There has been plenty of on-set candid photos added into the photo galleria, filming took a month and happened over September, the film crew and actors all celebrated the wrap of filming by karaoke and drinks at the Cajun Bar, in New Orleans, US. Of course we’ll have plenty more news and details of ‘Ghost Shark’ coming soon to the website, including a full synopsis description of the film. The director of the project was Griff Furst and will be distributed through Active Entertainment.

New Film ‘BENEATH’, New ‘BLOOD CURE’ News & More – Tuesday 14th August 2012
Mack has recently spent the last couple of weeks filming scenes to her new movie, ‘Beneath’. Mack plays the role of Deb Vorheese, a chief row-boat crew member, who along with five other friends, get stranded in the middle of a huge lake, Black Lake. After celebrating finishing high school, they all head out to Black Lake for a bit of recreation, but after getting stuck, they have to struggle to get back to shore, and the need to survive really tests their friendships. The film is shooting on-location in the Naugatuck State Forest of Beacon Falls, Connecticut. Which is the in the Oxford area. I’ve posted on-set candid photo’s straight from the film set, so fans can check those out. The film is directed by Larry Fessenden, who was once described by The New York Times as the ‘modern day Roger Corman’, the film is set to air on tv channel network Chiller on October 30th, 2012. Depending on the success, the film may even have a wide release. It has been confirmed that the film will be screened at film festivals as well. Now, onto ‘Blood Cure’, which has recently been announced, is only a temporary title for the film, a new one will be released at a later date and confirmed. There has been a new description on the film, it reads “After an unforeseen and violent affliction turns her world upside down, Rowena Hambleton struggles to survive night-to-night as she prowls the streets of Los Angeles. If there is a cure for what ails her, Rowena has yet to find it.” So plenty of exciting news happening at the moment in the world of Mack. Keep checking back here for more updates and news.

Fan-Competition Comes to MackRosman.Net, New Fan-Mail Address – Saturday 14th July 2012
An exciting fan-competition is coming soon to the website. It’s probably the most exciting event happening at the website, particularly for fans. There will be double prizes to win, including official autographs! A new post update at the website, to be made within the coming weeks, will have all the full details on what fans have to submit/do, to enter the huge competition. In other news, announcing that Mack has a new fan-mail address now, fans can write to Mack at…

Mackenzie Rosman
9255 Sunset Blvd
Suite #1010
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

Fans can now write fan letters and mail to that above address. It is the new official fan-mail address.

Mack Wraps Shooting ‘Blood Cure’, Plans Head Shot Photoshoot & More – Sunday 11th December 2011
Mack will wrap shooting her scenes to the new film ‘Blood Cure’ sometime this week. Mack plays the role of Rowena, the main lead in the movie. The film is being directed by Alain Silver and is a horror flick, it is tentatively slated to be released sometime in 2012. Mack has also planned a brand new head-shot photo-shoot that will occur about two to three weeks after wrapping on the film, the prints however will be ready around mid to late January 2012, so I will have those posted up when they’re ready to be released to the public.

Mack Attends Sue Wong’s Spring Fashion Event in LA – Wednesday 12th October 2011
Mack recently attended a red carpet event at Sue Wong’s ‘Lady or Vamp’ Spring Fashion launch in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The event was ‘invite only’ and Mack wore a beautiful Sue Wong gown, having her photo taken by multiple photo agencies as she arrived on the red carpet. Mack looked gorgeous, simply stunning. Fans can view photo’s from the special event in the photo galleria.

Mack flew out to Botswana in Africa, with a friend, to go on an epic African Horseback Safari in the Okavango Delta region. Mack got to ride horseback through the water of the Delta, see multiple native animals. Go camping, fishing, hunting and also managed a few games of Jenga! One of Mack’s favourite games to play. This marks Mack’s second time visiting Africa and Mack definitely hopes it won’t be the last! Mack is planning on visiting the country again, and soon!

Secret Life Episode, Photo’s, Mack in Belgium – Friday 8th January 2010
Mack will be guest-starring in Brenda Hampton’s new tv show ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’, the episode is number 13, the part 2 of the season three premiere episode. Mack will play the role of Zoe, and the title of the episode is ‘Til It’s Gone’. It’s the first time Mack has returned to the television screen since her days on the hit tv show 7th Heaven. The episode that Mack appears in, will go to air on January 11th 2010 on the ABC Family network, at 8pm. It will re-air at 10pm that night on the same channel, then again on the following Wednesday the 13th at midday. Be sure not to miss out! Mack recently attended the 20th birthday party dinner for her friend Amanda, a bunch of candid photo’s from that night of them all on the party bus limo are now on the galleria. In other news; Mack spent NYE and her own 20th birthday in Brussels, Belgium with her friends Kerstin and Pia. Mack is over there for horse-jumping and a mini holiday with her boyfriend. I wish all Mack fans and everyone else reading this, a very happy New Year for 2010!

Proud American Releases, Members, Photos & News: 16th September 2008
Mack’s film titled Proud American has now been officially released and has had wide-release across the US. The film which is based around multiple true stories about American citizens, was released to cinema & theater on the 12th of September and has been screening since. A lot of viewers to the movie said that it was inspirational, emotional & moving. Unfortunately, the box office results weren’t so good at the time of finishing over the weekend of it’s release. However; it has drawn a lot of attention from the public in the United States, it’s a moving film with great stories. So if you get a chance to see it, make sure you don’t miss out. Onto the fanlisting’s; I’ve recently added a lot of new members to both of the listings and joining it still opened to fans, so feel free to apply using the given form’s. I’ve also added a lot of new photo’s up into the galleria, including ones of Mack at her friend Mikaela’s 19th Birthday Dinner from July 2008, and also photo’s of Mack & Jessica Biel standing together out the front of The London Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. To check those all out, just click here. And enjoy! Mack has another film coming out soon titled Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia, which we’re all very excited for. Ofcourse, I will keep you all up to date on all the Ligeia news. For now, continue visiting the site for further information & news updates.

Mack’s New Horse, Ligeia & Proud American: 19th July 2008
So much has happened since January 2008. Mack has her own house that she lives in, has two new films coming out at the end of this year, Proud American is released on the 12th of September 2008 and Mack plays the role of Bree. A mean student at a school who gives a hard time to Dawn, whom is trying to settle in her new country. Mack’s other film, titled Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia is currently still in post-production with a possible release in August, Mack plays the role of Loreli, it’s a dark thriller film produced by Jeff Most! In the time since January, Mack also got a new showjumping horse named Odysseus, a tall black horse! Mack still owns Mentos but rents him out to other riders. Mack is currently enjoying the summer season in the US. Mack and Jano are no longer in a relationship but have remained good friends. Mack also got two new pets, two cats named Slash and Hendrix, after the rockers ofcourse! For more news, continue visiting MackRosman.Net!

Mack & Jano Are Back & New Photos: 13th January 2008
Mack and bf Jano have arrived back home from their trip to Peru. They both flew to Peru after Christmas last year to spend time with Jano’s family there. The two had a great time and enjoyed themselves, they also celebrated New Year’s Eve there ! New photos have been added to the photo galleria as well, and soon photos from Peru will also be included. Be sure to check those out at the galleria. In other news; fans wanted to know if Mack is allowed to have a car now, since she is 18yrs old and all. Good news to that, yes she is allowed to have a car and she will be getting one very soon! So thats a lot of good news and keep visiting for further updates. Including a possible description of Mack’s time in Peru, with photos. A new interview might also be on the way, so make sure you keep coming back to see the latest news!

Mack’s Christmas, Ligeia Film, Macks Holidays: 28th December 2007
First of all, Happy 18th Birthday Mack! Mack spent most of December in St. Louis, Missouri and Mississippi to film scenes to her new movie from Edgar Allan Poe, called Ligeia. Check the filmography for more information on that. For Christmas, Mack spent it in South Carolina with her friends and extended family. Mack received many gifts including a digital photo frame, some dvds, jewellery, gift card’s and a new cell phone. The next day after Christmas Mack met up with her boyfriend Jano and the two of them jetted off to Peru on the 27th of December! The two of them will spend Mack’s 18th birthday there and also New Year’s Eve! They’re also going to spend time with visiting Jano’s friends and his family. They’re due back around early January and we wish them a fantastic time there and a safe trip back! I’d like to say Happy New Year for 2008 to all the fans and all the best! Much love from the site!

Mack’s New Film & Her Holidays: 12th December 2007
Mack has been very busy lately as she has been filming scenes to her new movie titled Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia. The scenes have been filmed in both St. Louis, Missouri and Mississippi, Mack is playing the role of Loreli. This is Macks fifth feature film that she has worked on. After Mack has filmed a few scenes for the movie, she will then be flying off with her family to South Carolina where she will be visiting friends and family. Then, last but not least, Mack will be meeting up with her boyfriend Jano and they will fly off to Peru to spend some time with Jano’s parents and family. Mack is due back around the beginning of January 2008. Just in time to start work on her other film Word of Mouth (providing the writer’s strike hasn’t delayed it) and during that time Mack will also be sending out the autographs to the fans. Another great thing, by then Mack should know whether she got into college or not. So keep checking for more updates and information on Mack.

Collecting Macks Bday Messages: 7th October 2007
It’s that time of year again when the site starts collecting fan’s messages and wishes, for Mack’s pending birthday! This year is a big one too, she will be turning 18yrs old. I would like to congratulate Mack on her upcoming birthday and I hope all her dreams come true! If you’re a big fan, please send in your birthday message now. You can send them in by either posting your wish on the message board or by emailing it to me at js4u2@hotmail.com. Start sending now to be extra early.

Jano’s Home & Katelyn’s Home: 24th September 2007
As reported in the entry just below this one, Jano was on his way home to California, US after spending around three months in Argentina playing soccer. Well we have good news, Jano’s back now!, he arrived safely home yesterday after a long flight. Mack is very excited, understandably and it means the two are now reunited after a long distance of communication. In other good news; Mack’s half-sister Katelyn is also back home after living and working on a barn farm in Maryland. Katelyn previously worked at a car dealership but she decided that’s not what she wanted to do, and flew over to live in another state and try her hand at something else. After also discovering that’s not what she wanted to do, Katelyn is back home in sunny California to catch-up with family and figure out what she’d like to do in her life. Sort of the same thing Mack is doing, and helps as to why Mack is taking a year-long break to help find what it is she’d like to do. We wish Mack the best of times in hanging out with her boyfriend and her sister!

Jano Comes Home, Mack Hangs Out: 22nd September 2007
After spending around three months in Argentina to play soccer in an amateur team for a pro-team, Mack’s boyfriend Jano is coming back home! Due to arrive on home soil tomorrow (23rd september), it means Mack and her bf can be reunited after a while of being oceans apart. Ofcourse, while Jano was away you’ll know Mack was overseas also, visiting the historic sights of Madagascar. Jano’s time in Argentina for the sport, required many matches, good fitness and working out in the gym often to keep in shape. Soccer is Jano’s favorite sport. Mack and Jano met in high school with the chance of having mutual friends, they’ve been dating for a long time now. While Mack was waiting for Jano to come home, she found time to spend with friends and family. Catching up with them after being away for almost a month on her trip. We wish Mack and Jano the best in being able to catch-up and hang out when the pair are reunited!

Mack’s Interview and Madagascar Summary: 10th September 2007
After Mack got back from her overseas cultural-learning trip to Madagascar, she shared her photo’s with us and had an interview for this site. Going to Madagascar, which saw her travel with a group of other people around her age and all from the US, gave Mack and the other adventurers a unique opportunity to see the historic sights, learn about the culture, the people and how they live. It also gave them the chance to meet some highly rare species of animals like the Chameleon and the Lemur. They also traveled to the exotic beach locations such as Morondova for a little relaxation. All in all, Mack had a terrific time and hopes that one day she will beable to go back again and visit all the friends she made. You can check out the interview by clicking here and ofcourse, for all the fans that are interested, I made a Madagascar section where Mack herself wrote a summary of her holiday. You can most definitely check that out by going to the Madagascar section. Enjoy!

Mack’s Back From Holiday: 8th August 2007
Mack has arrived back on home soil from her trip to the island of Madagascar. She arrived back around the 31st of July and had an amazing time! Mack was able to hike in the country and see the rare specied animals that call the island home. She was also able to learn about the country, it’s people and the rich historic culture. We’re glad that Mack arrived home safely.

Mack’s Whole Year Break Off: 11th July 2007
Mack planned to take a whole year off everything to travel around and that’s exactly what she’s doing. She recently flew off to Madagascar where she will spend approximately a month’s time learning about the country and it’s animals. It was not that long ago that Mack graduated from her senior year of high school back in late May 2007, her boyfriend Jano also graduated. He is currently in Argentina playing soccer, it’s his favourite sport. Mack is not sure yet on whether she is going to attend college or university when her year break’s up, that’s something she is still deciding. For the most part, Mack hopes to relax and enjoy her well-deserved break and we hope she has a fantastic time traveling around!

7th Heaven’s Finished: 30th May 2007
It’s all over for the hit series 7th Heaven. Production on the show ended in late April 2007 and the last episode finale aired on the 13th of May 2007. 7th Heaven attracted viewers from around the entire world for 11 full long years, the success of the show was impeccable but the series never got the media attention it deserved. Often thought of as corny, the Camden family were a lot different than some families out there but were also alot similar. It was the storylines and characters that captivated the viewing audiences, the show often ranked number 1 in it’s timeslot on both the WB and the CW. The show had made records of viewers in the 9 – 11 millions.. which is a lot for a tv show that was known as the little series that could. It took 12 episodes for the WB to realise they wanted to keep the show on as a regular drama. The show premiered on the 26th of August 1996, and the ending date was the 13th of May 2007. That is a very long time! 7th Heaven was immensely successful in the eyes of the fans. The cast have moved on, Jessica is completing many films, Barry stars in his own new show What About Brian, Mack is taking a year off everything to travel around the world and David studies Film & Television at the University of Southern California.

Stars Opting Out of Show: 17th February 2007
It’s been reported through IMDB and a magazine article that stars of 7th Heaven.. David Gallagher and actress Mackenzie Rosman have decided to opt out of their contracts of the show and not appear in the new 11th season. Apparently they made their decision known not too long ago and Brenda Hampton, the shows creator is hoping that the two stars change their mind before the hiatus period is finished. Keep coming back for more updates on this news. Including news on the new photo galleria.

Power of Now Benefiting Breast Cancer Research, Photos & Episodes:
It’s common knowledge now that 7th Heaven only has a few episodes left to air at this exact time of me writing this. So make sure you watch them all! I have added tons of new and equally rare and exclusive photos up onto the photo galleria so make sure you go on over there and check it out. Mack also attended a Power of Now Benefiting Breast Cancer Research recently in West LA showing her full strong support for the cause. Mack also does a lot of work for animal charities and on the research of Cystic Fibrosis. Keep checking back for more news updates to come.

Adore Shop Magazine, Episodes & Soundtrack:
Recently, Mack attended the Adore Shop Magazine opening launch and the photos have been added to the photo galleria, so check those out with the link in the navigation to the right handside, 7th Heaven is getting a soundtrack made and was being released for the 3rd of May, it’ll include artists such as Wynonna Judd and plenty more. Treadstone Records is producing the album track. 7th Heaven returns to the WB on 3rd of April with an all-new episode titled Highway to Cell so make sure you dont miss it.

New Years, Las Vegas & New Ep Titles:
Well Mack celebrated New Years Eve in style. In what other way but a party. The photos of the party will be soon in the photo galleria, so be sure to check those out. Mack also went to Las Vegas with her friends for a party and photos of that will be up soon as well. There has been some new ep titles released for the tenth season of 7th Heaven and the latest one is called Highway to Cell. Keep checking back for more updates as the new year rolls in.

Happy Birthday Mack Mania & WELCOME:
It is officially the actual 5TH BIRTHDAY for Mack Mania!. It has now been five years since this dedicative site began. Going through plenty of different layouts and designs; we’ve found a complete new one and to go with it; a new location all of it’s own!. So let me say, WELCOME to the new location, design and work of Mack Mania and enjoy yourselves.

7th Heaven Announces Ending:
It’s Official. 7th Heaven will finish production after the completion of it’s current 10th season. It has been 10 long years with the Camdens and this season will be the last. As Brenda Hampton put it; “this season has been the best”. Debuting in August 26th 1996, it has been a long journey with the cast, the crew, the writer, the episodes/storylines. For being titled the longest running family drama is an honor and fans will always know this show was or is; their favorite. As this news come, fans will want to make the most of the last season by watching it unfold to a special ending. At Mack Mania, I’d like to thank the cast, crew and writer for their wonderful work and ofcourse like to thank the fans; who always stood by the show. One thing is for sure, we’ll never forget this show.

MM Moved Home:
We got our own domain and space on the internet!. After being hosted by so many different places, including Koloheanela, Tripod and Fan-Sites… we finally found our own cosy little spot on the world wide web. Please update your links to: http://mackrosman.net.

Season Nine Promo Photos:
The new season nine promotional photographs will be released soon. They’re following the tradition of most of the other seasons when the entire cast appearing in the upcoming season, go to a photo shoot studio and make some really fantastic photos. Whether it be a cast photograph or individual shots, they always look amazing and their exciting for the fans. They will be released and as soon as they’re, we’ll give you a look at them in this very site.

Aaron Carter has joined 7th Heaven:
Aaron Carter has joined the cast of 7th Heaven for a few episodes during the ninth season, playing a school student named Harry. He becomes a love interest for Ruthie. Things will get interesting, keep watching the season nine episodes to see how it all folds out. Aaron is said to be appearing in a few episodes of the season, totalling around 7 – 9 episodes or more.

Mack Attends 2004 Teen Choice Awards:
Along with the many other celebrities that attended the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, Mackenzie Rosman was also an arrival. She went along and supported her tv show, with fellow cast member Beverley Mitchell and former guest appearance member, Ashlee Simpson. 7th Heaven was nominated for the Best TV Drama but did not win this time, making it a break in the show winning the award 3 times in a row since 2001. To check out the photos of Mack at this event, click here and here. The photos are from teen hollywood photos and channels entertainment and are each copyrighted to their respective owners.

Mack in Kmart Commercials:
With Beverley Mitchell, George Stults and Mack has starred in commercials for the apparel of Kmart. You can check out a commercial photograph by clicking here. The photograph is from Kmart: The Official Site.

Phoenix House Honors Triumph Teen Gala Awards:
Mackenzie along with Stephen Collins and Brenda Hampton attended the celebration of awards where the drug rehab house, Phoenix House honored the Inaugural Triumph of Teen Gala Awards. Mackenzie wore a white evening/summer dress that had black polka dots and a black top banding, it looked really nice. Photos of the event are up on the photo gallery so click here to check them out. Their at the very bottom. For alittle more information on the Phoenix House, go to Phoenix House Official Website and find out there. Alittle info is that the house hosts rehab facilities and help options to young adults that are addicted to drugs and need the help. They also ask for tax-deductable gifts to help maintain the running of the facility.