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All designs here, are for your own personal use on message boards & forums, so feel free to take them. All art here is copyrighted material with protection, so please respect that. But you’re free to take them and use them for personal use only. http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=102 http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=102 http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=102Do NOT direct-link, if you use them, just right click on the design you like and save as to your computer. Hot-linking is not cool.

Mackenzie Rosman Desktop Wallpapers

800×600 Desktop Wallpapers that S1 made:

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 12

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 11

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 10

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 6

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 5

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 4

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 3

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 2

800x600 Desktop Wallpaper 1

1024×768 Desktop Wallpapers that S1 made:

1024x768 Desktop Wallpaper 13

1024x768 Desktop Wallpaper 1

1024x768 Desktop Wallpaper 2

1024x768 Desktop Wallpaper 3

Mackenzie Rosman Avatars

100×100 Avatars that S1 made:

avatar one avatar two avatar three avatar four

avatar five avatar six avatar seven avatar eight

avatar nine avatar ten avatar eleven

Avatars that Carole at avril-source.com made:

Avatars that I’ve made:

Mackenzie Rosman Banners & Signatures

A banner that Becki Lin made…

Beckis Banner

426×78 Banners that S1 made:

banner six

banner five

banner four

banner three

banner two

banner one

My Mackenzie art pieces & collages:

 A true star: Aaron Carter + Mack on set of 7th Heaven

my third mack art material!, copyrighted to Β© mack mania

my second mack art collage!, copyrighted to Β© jacqueline

my first mack art collage!, copyrighted to Β© jacqueline

Please feel free to submit your own art pieces.