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Mackenzie Lyn Rosman was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. Born on the 28th of December in 1989, she grew up in Charleston before moving at age 2 in mid-year 1992 with her mother, Donna, (step-father at the time), Randy, brother, Chandler and (step-sister at the time), Katelyn to north Los Angeles in Southern California. Eventually, encouraged by a friend, Mack’s mother Donna signed Mack up with a talent agency (during the spring of 1996, just in time for auditions of Aaron Spelling’s new WB family drama, 7th Heaven)Β and Mack began to do commercial work for Tuft’s Health Care in Boston including a Diaper commercial, a Hormel Chilli Hotdog commercial and a Nike shoe commercial too.Β Mack’s middle name is Lyn, and shares the same middle name with her mother Donna. Mack also has a relative named Lyn. Although it is no longer in production, 7th Heaven went on-air for 11yrs with 11 seasons and became the longest running family drama on television, making history. Mackenzie spent her remaining years on 7th Heaven studying by correspondence with a on-set tutor at various schools in LA, including schools in Northridge, Ojai and Lancastar, Los Angeles. Mack graduated high school in late May 2007 from Valencia High School. Now Mackenzie lives in Maryland. Very sadly, Katelyn Salmont passed away on the 25th December 2008 due to complications with Pneumonia. RIP Katelyn, you are dearly missed by all who knew you. Mack is now currently 31 years old, and is continuing her work with horses, film roles and has taken up steeplechasing. Mack is also actively involved in charities such as; the Childhelp organization, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and CureFinders, where Mack is actually the chairman spokesperson. Through CureFinders; which aids research and awareness of the Cystic Fibrosis disease, Mack managed to guide multiple school’s across the US to fundraise staggering amounts of money to support the cause. The highest sum raised went to the winning school, who then received a personal visit from Mack where she delivered speeches, presentations and awards.

Mack began her acting career at the tender age of 4 years old, completing multiple tv commercials for Nike, Hormel Chilli Hotdogs and Tuft’s Diapers. However, her bigger break in her career began when the staff and crew were delighted by the way Mack introduced herself when she auditioned for Aaron Spelling’s new show, 7th Heaven. At the age of 6 years old, in early 1996, she walked around the room before her audition, shaking each person’s hand and introducing herself. The crew were very impressed by her and Mack worked on ‘7th Heaven’ ever since! Production on the family television show also started in early 1996, so Mack had been working on the show for 11 years before it ended production, after an 11th season running on The WB Network, which later became The CW Network. The show has been ended for a few years now. Mack will turn 32 years old on December 28th, 2021. Mack has done multiple films titled: Nightcomer, Fading of the Cries, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Ankh, Ghost Shark, Beneath, Gideon, The Jon Bennet Ramsey’s Murder Mystery and Proud American. Mack has also done five feature film’s; which are titled, The Tomb, Fading of the Cries, Nightcomer, Beneath and most recently a SyFy Channel Network production, ‘Ghost Shark’, which came out in July 2013. Mack’s recent feature films; Beneath and Nightcomer, also came out in 2012, 2013 for release. ‘Beneath’ aired on the Chiller Tv network around the end of 2013. Mack’s resume also now includes a lead appearance in a music video clip as ‘the girl’ for the band HeartStop, and their song for it is titled ‘Just Like Goodbye’. Mack’s brother Chandler tried his hand at commercials in his earlier years, and also some tv work but didn’t like it as much as Mack does. Chandler enjoys motorbike riding, sea-biscuiting, and hanging out with his friends. Chandler is now employed in the marines and has just finished up being posted in Japan.

In 7th Heaven, Mackenzie portrayed the youngest daughter, Ruthie Camden. Ruthie had six siblings; four brothers (Matt, Simon, Sam & David Camden) and two sisters (Mary and Lucy Camden). Ruthie and her siblings were joined by their two parents (Annie & Eric Camden), who loved Ruthie dearly and all their other children. Mack likes sea-biscuiting on her sea-doo, shopping, hanging with friends, listening to music, eating Sushi, dining at restaurants with friends to catch-up, horse riding and jumping competitively, she also enjoys pottery, ceramics, dancing, and the rain. Her horses that she owns are; Odysseus (jumping, hunter and riding horse), Mentos Jr (previously owned). Other previously owned horses are; Baby (miniature horse), Harmony (a miniature, freisian, rare pony), Xena (an old trailing horse), Sugar (riding pony), Easy Mocha (older trailing horse) and Fantasia (a riding horse). Mack also likes swimming, skating, eating cookie and cream ice-cream, and playing with her dog whom is Paloma, and previously owned dogs; Space (a doberman and a retired movie dog), Oliver (a yorkshire terrier), Zac (a yellow labrador), Cleo (a scottish mix), and her old dogs Molly and Gizmo. Mack really loves New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami and enjoys it when she can visit those places. Mack supports the Los Angeles basketball team, Clippers! Her most memorable vacation was to Detroit, Michigan when she was younger and she visited family. Her favorite kind of candy is bubble gum, she appreciates all of her fans and loves giving out autographs.

Mack admires music from ACDC, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Akon, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Shakira, Usher, Santana, Britney Spears, Micheal Jackson, Vince Gill, Shania Twain and Madonna. Her favorite movies to watch are; Fight Club, Frida, Garden State, Munich, Monty Python, The Lion King, The Godfather, Titanic, Grease and Legends of the Falls. One of her favorite songs is; Another Brick In The Wall sang by Pink Floyd but she has a lot of favorites. She likes to listen to rock, r&b, soul and country music. Her favorite thing to do while on a break from filming 7th Heaven, was to watch MTV, ESPN or watch music video clips being made at their studio with the rest of the 7th Heaven cast. She thinks Conan O’brien is hilarious, likes philly cheese steaks, sushi is her favorite food. Along with chocolate choc-chip ice-cream and cookie and cream ice-cream.

Mack’s nicknames are Mac, Mack, Kenzie, Mac-una-matata, but prefers to be called Mack. Mack’s favorite subject is art because she enjoys drawing and ceramics. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite actors are John Travolta, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Her favorite hot food would be Lasagne, chicken and the chicken nuggets from Wendy’s and McDonalds. Her favorite drink would have to be Red Bull, Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke. Mack used to have a pig, and a rat named Sweetie. Also a bunch of chickens, two cats named Eddie and Chance, Mack now has two cats named Hendrix and Slash, after Jimi Hendrix and Slash the guitarist from Guns N Roses, both awesome guitarists. Mack also used to have two fish but she forgets their names. Mack would love to star in more films as the years go by and will audition for new roles in the near future.

Where Mack use to live was apparently like having an almost zoo-like house, with all of the many animals she owned and loved to take care of. She loves going to the beach to hang out. Her favorite pro-sports to watch are Basketball, Baseball and Football. This would also be another good reason for her to live in California. Mack’s debut film was ‘Gideon’s Web’ which see’s her co-star along Shelley Winters, Shirley Jones, Carroll O’ Conner and Christopher Lambert. Mack had always wanted to do films after 7th Heaven and thats what she is doing very well. http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=106 http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=106 http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=106Mack is already getting a number of films under her belt. Venturing into films has always been a dream of Mack’s ever since she debuted onto the small screen with her famous hit WB series, 7th Heaven.

Mack is a greatly talented actress and has potential to go very far with her career. She is currently the National Honorary Chair Spokesperson for the organization, CureFinders, who help raise money and aid the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Mack also sponsors a child through Children International at Children.Org. We see many opportunities for her and are enjoying watching her film career take off.

Written by Jaz, owner of MackRosman.Net. Copyright April 2009