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Mack’s Own Editorial Summary of Madagascar – August 2007
Posted September 10th 2007 on Official Mack Mania Fansite

Written by Mackenzie Rosman herself. Posted for this site by MackRosman.Net.

Well as you all know I went to Madagascar this past summer! It was neat because we got to learn about so much. First thing that was majorly different is that we had to take Malaria pills every night because Malaria hugely affects Madagascar. It’s a place where a lot of people are sick with it and it’s a disease that is rapidly spreading. We learned about the culture and how people lived. Madagascar is a lot poorer than here in America. Families live in little huts, and the living quarters that we stayed in are fairly “grand” compared to what others live in there.

Kids walk around on the street bare foot and in ratty clothes, and money is scarce in their families. Though the kids and the people there are extremely friendly and we had a good time getting to know them! There were a lot of very interesting sites that we went to. The Allee du Baobabs trees was one of them. They’re well known and a very strange looking type of tree that is popular in Madagascar. We also learned about the rice fields and about the caves. While we were there we visited schools to see how the kids learned and how different it is there from America.

Classes are small and it’s not a huge school like we’re used to. Another big difference was the animals! We saw so many wild animals while we were in Madagascar. Fosa and Lemurs would just walk into our camp! It was so neat to see. http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=104 http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=104 http://mackrosman.net/?page_id=104Though the cities in Madagascar and Madagascar in general seem poor, one thing for sure is that it’s beautiful! We went to amazing beaches that were gorgeous to look at! Including at Morondava. It was definitely an amazing trip and I’d love to go back!

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