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September 2020 News: NEW PHOTOS, MACK NEWS & MORE for September 2020! Hello guys, I hope everybody is doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times. I wanted to update the website as there is new candid photos from Mack that I’ll be updating the gallery with. The gallery recently had some issues but I am working out those now and you should be able to revisit the gallery properly soon, you can try now, it can be found here. In other news, Mack celebrated July 4th Independence Day with friends in the countryside of their community, when the gallery is back up working ok, you’ll be able to see new photos from the July 4 celebrations. You can also see little sneak preview with the thumbnails below. In other news, more so site news, I am conjuring up some new ideas for updates here at the website to keep fans in the know and up to date with all things Mack. Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon. I have big ideas for it all. 🙂

A few other updates will happen at the site here, including performance updates, new PHP version so everything loads faster, and updates to plugins, etc.

In the meantime, enjoy the thumbnails below of the newly added photos to the gallery and keep staying safe out there, health, happiness and safety is the most important thing! Take care guys and stay tuned for the updates and photos. <3

Mackenzie Rosman at the barn. Celebrating July 4th 2020 weekend in the countryside. Celebrating July 4th 2020 weekend in the countryside. Celebrating July 4th 2020 weekend in the countryside.

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