The Chat Room

Mackenzie Rosman: Fan's Chat Room


Once you arrive here, where it say’s Type a Username, type in a username that you’d like to use. You DO NOT have to be registered to enter the chat room or join anything.

You then press the Connect button & it will load up.

Once you’re inside the room, you’ll notice a list of user’s to the right hand-side and the conversations lining up in the main box to the left. Underneath that, you’ll notice where you can type your message. There is no send button, just press enter when you’ve typed your message and want to add it into the room. And that’s all there is to it! Happy chatting!


No nastiness of any sort. I have a ban button I can easily use.
There is time differences for us all, but that shouldn’t affect it too much.
That’s all there is, be sure to go in now and enjoy chatting.