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Brand NEW Exclusive Candid Photos; loads of new exclusive candid photos have been added up into the photo galleria, be sure to check them all out! A few of them are from a restaurant dinner party that Mack and partner David recently attended with friends. They all had a terrific time! Another candid is from an old holiday to the beachside that Mack and her family had. You can see a young Mack with her younger brother Chandler, being almost completely buried in the sand, it looked like a lot of fun! It’s awesome to see old candids from so long ago of your favourite star. I’ll hope to add more candids up to the galleria very soon.

Update on the Video Interview; I know it’s been quite a while since we were bringing you the exclusive video interview with Mack, and I know it’s been a while since I updated on it too, the fact is that it hasn’t been completely ready yet. But the good news is it’s still happening, so please don’t threat that. Mack has already actually filmed two takes of it, however neither of the versions turned out the right way that Mack liked and Mack really wants it to be perfect for you all! So, Mack decided to re-shoot the whole video interview again, and is planning to do that this month. I do apologise for the wait in time that it’s been and on behalf of Mack as well, but it will surely be worth it! Trust me. I’ll have more info on that topic in the next update, that will be posted next week.

The Birthday Messages Booklet; all of the special birthday messages that fans wrote out to Mack for her recent 24th birthday, have all been printed off and included in a threaded booklet. That booklet is going to be given to Mack personally over the next two weeks! I will update you all of Mack’s response to the messages as soon as I receive one. It was a special activity and opportunity that I am proud to of been able to present to you guys, the ultimate fans! Thank you all for posting and participating in this project. It is deeply appreciated, by both Mack and myself. Here is a photo of the front cover to the birthday booklet that my friend Sandra created…

The Latest Added Candids; I’d like to leave you guys with the latest added candid photos from the photo galleria, be sure to see them all! There is plenty of new exclusive pictures. I will be posting more hopefully soon. Keep checking back at the site for updates and info on the next candids. I’ll now leave you with the latest added photos…

EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack, Maya And David Out At A Dinner With Friends In LA - January 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Danielle, Lexi, Maya, David, Mack & Raheem Out At A Dinner In LA - January 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack, David, Maya & Victor Out At A Club For Drinks In LA - January 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack & David Dancing Out At A Club For Drinks In LA - January 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: A Young Chandler & Mack At The Beach In The Sand - Circa 1995. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: A Young Mack With Her Sleeping Bag - Circa 1996.

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