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Mackenzie Rosman has been pretty busy lately, last week on Wednesday, 15th May 2013 Mack attended the annual MAXIM HOT 100 Party at The Vanguard in Los Angeles! Many other huge celebrities were also there including Miley Cyrus, Jessica Sutta, Carmen Electra and others. Mack wore a beautiful green & black, white/grey trimmed silk chiffon pencil skirt dress, her hair out and curly, topped off with gorgeous black gloss pumps. Mack spent time at the event hanging out with her friends Stephanie Rosu and Flora Huang. As fans know; Mack will soon be featured in the very popular males mag, MAXIM magazine. Mackenzie was also suggested as a nomination for MAXIM’s Hottest 100 Females in the entertainment industry. You can find a photo of Mack from the MAXIM Hot 100 Party, posing with Steph and Flora in the thumbnail previews below. It’s also been added into the photo galleria, check it out now.

In other news; Mack helped her mother Donna, celebrate her birthday by attending a baseball game at the LA Dodger Stadium middle way through the month. There is a photo of Mack enjoying a ‘Dodger Dog’, and another one of Mack soaking up the atmosphere at the stadium. We hope Donna had a great time! Happy Birthday Donna! Also, to address rumours recently that Mack was going to be appearing on the tv show General Hospital, it’s simply NOT true. Mack never auditioned for a role on that show and never planned to be on it. We don’t know where the rumours came from but the fans were asking us about it, so we wanted to clear those up. Mack went to a few auditions in the beginning of the month but the roles Mack auditioned for, are not yet known.

In Twitter news; I recently discovered an account that was not only impersonating Mack (it gets worse), they were also using the exact graphic designs on their profile photo, header photo and background that I personally designed & made for our OFFICIAL MackRosmanNet Twitter account! Ugh! The disgusting hide of them. Long story short, I reported them to Twitter immediately for copyright infringement, impersonation, and unauthorised use of designs. Twitter suspended the account immediately, but now I see it has popped back up but without any of the designs, however still using Mackenzie Rosman’s name. I strongly URGE Twitter to really combat the impersonators on their network, ONCE and for ALL! And I would like to reiterate to ALL the Mackenzie Rosman fans out there on Twitter, that this following account is Mack’s ONLY & OFFICIAL account: @Mack_Smack. I repeat, @Mack_Smack is Mack’s one and only Twitter name/handle. Mack is in the process of getting her account verified. Twitter takes a huge process to do this, so please be patient fans. I don’t want to mention the exact account name that was copying our site’s Twitter account because I simply do not want to give them the attention they don’t deserve. That’s all for now fans, check back here for new updates on ‘BENEATH’, Mack’s issue in MAXIM, plus much more! Now I’ll leave you with the latest added photos…

EXCLUSIVE: Mack Posing with Steph and Flora at the MAXIM Hot 100 Party on Wednesday 15th May 2013 at The Vanguard in LA EXCLUSIVE: Mack at a LA Dodgers baseball game for her mother Donna's birthday on the 8th of May 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Mack eating a Dodger Dog at a LA Dodgers baseball game for her mother Donna's birthday on the 8th of May 2013. EXCLUSIVE: An outtake from Matt Haines, of Mack on-set for the Zooey Magazine Shoot in July 2010. EXCLUSIVE: Mack & Her Friend Colette Hanging Out At The Flintridge Grand Prix Horse Show In April 2013. EXCLUSIVE: Larry Fessenden Speaking At The Q/A's For The Screening Premiere Of 'BENEATH' On The 3rd Of May 2013 In Estes Park, Colorado At The Stanley Film Festival.

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