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More New Photos Added; As in every other update at the website, there has been a number of new exclusive candid photos added up into the website’s photo galleria. Be sure to check them all out upon your next visit to the galleria. A few of the candids include Mack and her friend Ryan celebrating St Patricks Day, a few snaps from the event night Mackenzie Rosman attended, called ‘Pathway To The Cure: A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen‘, Presented by Pathway Genomics, Evian Natural Spring Water and Relativity Media. And there is plenty more candids posted up there to check out as well.

Autograph News, Please Read Carefully; Due to the backlog of requests we have accumulated over the last year from fans, we’re not currently sending any autographs out at the moment. We will continue to do so once all of the current requests have been mailed out and completed. For a while there, I was still collecting requests and storing them in a queue, however that list is getting way too long and we’re becoming way too backlogged with requests. We are at a stage where we’re preparing to get more prints of head-shots printed and time for Mackenzie Rosman to sit down to personally sign them for the fans. So for the record, no more requests will be taken from now on until we’ve completed the current requests send out. I’m sure you guys will understand and I will be sure to let you know when we’re taking more requests again. but for now, none. Please do not send in your request until I’ve lifted the accepting of them again. I’ll notify fans on here and at the Official Facebook page when we’re taking in more requests again and sending more autographs out, but for now it will be zero, thank you for understanding.

Onto The New Site News; I have been contemplating a brand new layout at the website here, I’m jotting down ideas and visuals of how I picture it to look, so hopefully within the near future there is a new layout here. Keep your eyes peeled for any launch coming sometime in the end of the year. In other news; the website’s photo galleria has been constantly updated with brand new photos, including loads of candids, be sure to check them all out. That is all the current site news for now, for further updates and happenings, keep visiting by for the next post update to go up very soon, which will include Mackenzie’s feature at! Enjoy the following preview thumbnails to the latest added photos and the latest audio podcast

EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Hanging Out With Friend Ryan Celebrating St Patricks Day On 17th March 2015. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Attends 'Pathway To The Cure Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G Komen' On 13th June 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Attends 'Pathway To The Cure Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G Komen' On 13th June 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Random Candid Of Mackenzie Rosman Chilling In 2014. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Direct From Mackenzie Rosman's Instagram Feed - So Sad & True With This Photo Message. EXCLUSIVE CANDID: Mackenzie Rosman Horse Riding Through The River In Africa 2006.

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