Mackenzie Rosman: Media

Mack sits down for an exclusive video interview with MackRosman.Net for her fans & fan-comp winners..

Mack In Support of Campbell Soup Labels for Education:
Mack lends her support for collecting soup labels from Campbell’s, in support for schooling education.

Mack at Vestavia Hills High for CF:
Mack at Vestavia Hills High School for Cystic Fibrosis 5th May 2009
Mack is seen here talking to the school of Vestavia Hills High to help create awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and congratulate the students on being the top-highest fundraising school for 2009.

Fading of the Cries Trailer:
Mack as Jill in Fading of the Cries, Official Trailer

Mack’s X17 Online Video Clips:
Mack, Jesse & Justin in Positano, Italy on the 3rd of October 2008
At 00.31 secs, Mack’s in front of the camera on the right, wearing denim shorts.

Mack & Jessica Biel at The London Hotel, West Hollywood, CA
At 00.30 secs; you’ll see Mack step out from behind a pole.

MackRosman.Net’s Youtube Clips:

Mackenzie’s Candid Photo’s July 2008
Music: Rihanna (Don’t Stop the Music), Fall Out Boy (Thanks for the Memories), The Veronica’s (Untouched) and The Screaming Jets (Helping Hand).

The above clip was made by myself, the website owner of Mack Mania at MackRosman.Net.

MackRosman.Net’s & Safiya’s RockYou Clips:
Mackenzie’s Candid Photo’s August 2008
Music: Slumber Party Girls (My Life).

The above slieshow clip was made by Safiya, a big fan of Mack.

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