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Mack’s Birthday Message Booklet; during October and November last year, fans were asked to send in their own personal birthday wish to Mack. We received plenty of messages and compiled them altogether into a special booklet, that Mack will personally receive very soon. A few fans have asked about this project recently and I can now let fans know that the booklet will be sent off early next week, and will be with Mack shortly thereafter. We’d love to say a huge thank you to the fans for the wonderful personalised birthday wishes, they they sent in! I’ll have more about that project in the upcoming update that will be posted in the next few weeks.

Our Site’s Official Twitter & Mack’s Official Twitter; with all of the past issues of fake profiles and weird impersonators in the past, I will happily remind fans of the correct and real Twitter accounts that they should be following. Ok, lets start: this website’s official twitter is HERE and Mackenzie’s very own official, personal Twitter is located right HERE. So, just to reiterate once more, that factual information for all of you guys out there; this website’s official Twitter handle is @MackRosmanNet and Mackenzie Rosman’s official Twitter handle is @Mack_Smack. Are you guys following the correct accounts? I hope so! This will clear up any confusion that fans may have with other accounts on the social media network. I’ll post up the actual URL for both of the Twitter accounts, just for safe measure:

Our Official Twitter Account:
Mackenzie Rosman’s Official Twitter:

Brand New Candid Photo’s; a few more exclusive candid photos have been added into the large photo galleria. Be sure to check them out. There is a couple from dinner nights that Mack has had with friends, including old candids from last year. I aim to provide you guys with the latest news and candids but sometimes there isn’t any. I will always update the website with exclusive news and material whenever it is happening. You guys can expect another update; part two for February, to be posted later this week! Be sure not to miss it, as it will include more news on the autographs! That is all the current news for this post, I’ll leave you guys now with the latest preview thumbnails for the recently added candids…

EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack On A Slippery Slide Having Fun In July 2013. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: A Young Mack On Vacation On Board A Boat & Relaxing By The Water Circa 1995. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack, Jessica, David, Beverley & Barry At The 1997 Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, Los Angeles December 1997. EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: The Academy of Tv Arts & Sciences 'Fathers Day Salute to Tv Dads' 18th June 2009. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: Mack's Own Head Shot Promo Photoshoot October 2007. EXCLUSIVE CANDID PHOTO: A Young Mack Posing Outside Circa 1993.

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